Serpentine Bracelet

When you go shopping for a serpentine bracelet there are actually two very different types of jewelry you could be referring to. Serpentine jewelry is both a style of chain as well as a semiprecious stone. Of course a serpentine bracelet could have both a serpentine stone as well as that style of link chain, but if you are particularly looking for one or the other, it is best to specify.

Serpentine Semiprecious Stones
Although no one knows for sure, it is probable that serpentines were named so because of the natural coloration of the stone. Most often they are varying shades of green with black, white or yellow spots on them resembling the skin of a snake. Serpentine is not a very hard stone, typically around 2.5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale and it is most often quite porous. However, jewelry is made from serpentine stones that are much smoother and then polished and buffed. Great care should be taken with serpentine stones as they chip if not cared for properly, much like any other of the softer stones.

Folklore and Healing Significance of Serpentine
Serpentine has always been considered to be a stone that guards against poison and poisonous creatures. It is used as a ‘balancing stone’ and is said to be helpful in clearing the Chakras, most especially the heart Chakra. Nursing mothers who are advocates of holistic health and metaphysical therapy wear serpentine amulets around their necks to regulate milk supply for their infants. Polished stones strung together make a lovely serpentine bracelet that is actually prayer beads for moments when it is necessary to achieve balance and inner peace.

Silver, Gold or Platinum Link Serpentine Bracelet
There are some lovely serpentine link bracelets on the market that really don’t need adornments of any kind. Some are diamond cut silver, gold or platinum and they can come in a number of thicknesses. Those that are more delicate are often worn with a single charm, while heavier serpentine chains are worn alone. A serpentine chain is comprised of two S links joined very close together and once you have seen a serpentine link you will recognize it every time.

Serpentine Stone Bracelets
Oftentimes serpentine stones resemble jade and for this reason many people often mistake them as such. Also, they are commonly used with or in place of jade in settings that call for a jade green stone. Most often serpentine stones are set in sterling silver as they are not expensive stones, but there are times that you will find them on a gold serpentine bracelet. Serpentine is an alternate stone for Capricorn which has a peridot as the primary gemstone, but some people prefer serpentine. Most often a serpentine bracelet is made with beads that are either strung together or fastened in a basket or other setting that will protect the stone.

One of the most remarkable aspects of serpentine stones is the variations in colors that you will find mixed in with the green. No two stones are ever exactly alike in markings but remarkably, they all resemble snakeskin! Many people are fascinated by the unique markings on the stones which makes them ideal as prayer bracelets. For those who need to stop and focus from time to time, a serpentine bracelet is just what the doctor ordered. If you want to give a gift to someone whose sign of the zodiac is Capricorn, a serpentine bracelet is ideal. Also, a serpentine bead bracelet would be an ideal gift for those of Islamic or Orthodox faiths as they often wear prayer beads around the wrist. While this is not one of the more traditional stones, a serpentine bracelet is actually quite lovely.

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