Silver Brooch

If you have ever gone through your mother’s wardrobe from old days, chances are that you will find a brooch or two. Brooches used to be common wardrobe staples back in the earlier days. Although not seen very frequently these days, brooches are sort of covert accessories that can spark up any kind of outfit.

Brooches are versatile pieces of jewelry. More commonly seen on jacket lapels, the use of brooches as accessory extends from the jackets to sweaters, hats, shawls, scarves tops and dresses. They can even be pinned to simple pearl necklaces for a glamorous touch. Silver brooches particularly look great with monotone color schemes, and will perk up a black dress or a solid-colored top instantly.

Brooches can come in various shapes, designs and sizes, and can be made of many metals such as gold, platinum or silver. Silver brooches are amongst the most beautiful and sought after brooches out there. Silver brooches are usually made of 92% to 95% of silver combined with pure copper. Silver is too soft to exist as jewelry on its own, so therefore other metals are alloyed with it to create silver accessories. Silver is considered ‘sterling’ when a piece of jewelry contains 92.5% silver in the making. Sterling silver ornaments and brooches look great and elegant with any kind of outfit or clothing.

Silver brooches can be found in a number of different designs. Pearls and crystals go well with silver brooches to create astonishing designs. Silver brooches offer an array of patterns – hearts, clovers, butterflies, dogs, owls, snails or even turtles – you name it and it can be found.  Whether you are more feminine and like delicate flower or petal designs, or want to go bold with colorful gems on silver, there’s definitely a silver brooch that can cater to your taste. Silver brooches can be worn in several occasions. For example, in Christmas, a silver Christmas tree or a miniature Santa’s reindeer sleigh will go really well with a single colored jacket, cardigan, or scarf. For official events or important meetings, an elegant flower sterling brooch such as ‘Tiger lily’ ($45.99), ‘Regal orchid’ ($37.49) or ‘Silver tulip’ by Yuli, can look really great with a pantsuit or pencil skirts. Similar ravishing floral designs are available at websites like There are some really pretty pearl encrusted silver brooch designs that fashionable women will swoon over!

Brooches make a great gift for loved ones. Since they can be used in a variety of ways, one can make the most of this accessory. For someone who values the beauty of traditional ornaments, there are antique and estate brooches. These brooches are not very expensive, and moistly affordable, but price does depend on the material used or the gemstones that adorn the brooch.

However, it is necessary to keep other ornaments to a minimum, since the brooch itself will take centre stage. Such simple yet beautiful silver brooches will impart a sense of grace and make you appear polished without compromising on your seriousness. If you are a working woman and want to be taken seriously, but do not like loading up on ornaments or other jewelry, then a silver brooch is the right accessory for you. You can wear it up on your shoulder, or pin it to your favorite purse, or even use it as a hair accessory. Brooches can add a lot of style on your wardrobe at affordable prices. It’s a classic item that never goes out of fashion. Thereby, it is a good idea to invest in a few great silver brooches and look classy-chic all year long.

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