Silver Butterfly Ring

One of the all time favorite ornamental figures is the butterfly. It is symbolic of so many things, but most significantly is the depth in which ‘new life’ is viewed. Many people, while going through rough times in their lives, wear a butterfly to remind them that one day they will shed this cocoon they are currently living in, grow wings and fly above their current bondage. But to others, a butterfly is a beautiful creature that holds no deep mystical meaning. It is simply a lovely, free-flying creature. Those who love butterflies can find a huge assortment of rings fashioned from almost any metal or gem imaginable. However, if you are looking for a lovely, yet affordable ring, a sliver butterfly ring would be the best option.

Silver Butterfly Wrap Ring
Wrap rings are fashioned in such a way as to actually make the butterfly circle the front of the finger. Instead of being a flat butterfly set on the front, a butterfly wrap ring gracefully encircles the finger as part of the ring itself. These rings are often crafted with the butterfly as open work where details are swirls of silver. It is not an expensive ring in most cases, unless of course there are precious or semi-precious stones set within the butterfly for color. If fashioned from sterling silver, these rings start at about $20 and go up from there.

Silver Butterfly Filigree Ring
If you want a look that takes you back to the Victorian era, a silver butterfly filigree ring is the perfect piece of jewelry. During that time everything from jewelry to woodwork was highly ornamental with tons of embellishments and flourishes. A ring that is done in filigree is in keeping with that period and is stunning with a simple black velour dress with an oversized, lacy white collar.

Cubic Zirconia Silver Butterfly Ring

To the naked eye it is almost impossible to discern a good quality cubic zirconia from a genuine diamond. The cubic zirconia sliver butterfly ring is fashioned so that tiny stones sparkle on the wings, giving the butterfly an ethereal appeal – something out of fairyland. This is the type of ring you will want with all the retro flower power fashions that are currently trending from the 60’s and 70’s.

Antiqued Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring
Another lovely ring that makes it feel like you’re living in a page from the past is an antiqued sterling silver butterfly ring. Done in a ‘brushed’ silver with black accents, the butterfly is an outline with the details of the wings crafted in silver swirls. The ring is fashioned to look antique, but it is brand new complete with a gift box. Again, this type of ring is reasonably priced as there are no precious stones or other precious metals having been used.

Platinum over Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Ring
When you prefer the color silver and would love to have perhaps white gold or platinum, yet find them too expensive, a viable alternative is a sterling silver butterfly ring that has been flashed with platinum. With small diamonds, or diamond chips embellishing the wings this is a truly exquisite ring. It is fine enough to wear with formal attire, yet versatile enough to be worn with casual attire. This type of ring would be higher priced than a sterling/zirconia ring, but worth every penny of the price.

Butterflies are delicate, elusive creatures and have been a fascination to us since the beginning of time. They stand for new beginnings and freedom from oppression. Wearing a silver butterfly ring reminds us that we have been given wings and it’s up to us to spread them to take flight. Butterflies have emerged from a dark place with a newfound freedom in the sunlight. When you wear your silver butterfly ring, remember that you are living in the light.

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