Silver Cufflinks

At times when casual clothing and semi-formal wear have become more popular among men, some accessories used by men have been forced to fade into the background. Some have piled dust on them, or safely locked away in closets. Limited to only very special formal occasions, these accessories can no longer find their way to one’s everyday fashion scene. Despite the reducing value of these accessories, some like silver cufflinks are still very popular. Besides being in greater use in comparison to many similar accessories for men, silver cufflinks are worn by some men almost every day.

What makes this accessory so preferred by men? This is a question often asked by men and women alike. But once one wears this simple accessory, one will instantly know how great an impact this simple piece of accessory can have on one’s look. Not only does it transform the look of the shirt it is worn with, but also gives a refined, sophisticated and polished look.

Another important reason is the popularity that silver cufflinks have gained among men. Silver cufflinks are not only cheaper than their gold or platinum counterparts; they look classier because the color itself is often associated with elegance, sophistication and class. They look simple, but at the same time are very sophisticated. Silver cufflinks are also preferred because of the fact that they come in various types of designs. Some silver cufflinks are not entirely silver; they may have touches of gold and copper in them making them even more stylish and beautiful. Besides, silver is also preferred because of its timeless beauty and durability. It is for this reason that silver is often used as the main metal in making many of these jewels and accessories. Silver when combined with many other types of metals produces an effect that not only strengthens it but also increases its durability and splendor.

The kind of cufflink one chooses to wear tells a lot about one’s personality. While some men prefer simple unflashy cufflinks, others may want a more noticeable ornate piece of jewelry. Fortunately, stores these days have something for everyone. Silver cufflinks can now be found with beautiful intricate designs and stones embedded in them. Some of these simple accessories have now become works of art. Diamonds and other precious stones now adorn silver cufflinks making them more visible to the eye. Although cufflinks also come in gold, silver is more preferred among the young. Older men often like to use gold because it goes more with their persona. Although silver cufflinks that are studded with diamonds or other precious stones and accentuated with precious metals like platinum or titanium are a bit expensive, nothing can match their sophistication. Some silver cufflinks come in the form of a simple silver lining surrounding colored enamel, onyx, turquoise or other precious stones.

The best part of these silver cufflinks is the fact that they go with both semi-formal and formal attires. Besides, silver is a color that can be worn with any colored shirt. However, if one chooses to have colored stones, it is better to have a few pairs – light colored stones for both dark and light colored shirts and dark colored stones for lighter shirts.

Silver cufflinks are widely available in any men’s store. Many designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fred Bennett, Tiffany and Enrico Pardini have a wide collection of both plain silver cufflinks as well as those accentuated with other metals and precious stones. Although these cufflinks come with a premium price, it is definitely worth trying them because nothing is comparable to the heads that these cufflinks will turn.

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