Silver Diamond Cross Pendant

The cross is an enduring symbol of most every Christian faith tradition. It can be found in so many different places, and is a very common icon for jewelry. One of the most popular ways to wear the cross is on a necklace. If you want something that is an expression of your spirituality but is still fashionable, consider a silver diamond cross pendant. There are several reasons to consider this jewelry item, the first of which is of course to declare your faith to the world in a stylish way.

Selecting silver as the precious metal for your cross is a good choice because sterling silver is affordable yet long lasting. In order to be called sterling, a jewelry item must contain a minimum of 92.5 percent pure silver. No jewelry item can be made of pure silver without another metal added because it would be too soft and prone to damage. Always look carefully for the 925 inscription on any piece of jewelry that is claimed to be sterling before you buy. Although this metal can tarnish and lose its luster, the proper cleaning can restore sterling to its beautiful bright shine.

As compared with platinum and gold, sterling silver is very affordable. This makes it no less beautiful or high quality. Some people just prefer gold or platinum, but if neither of these metals appeals to you or is in your budget, sterling silver might just be perfect for you. It is also highly accessible because of its affordable price, you can buy silver jewelry in jewelry stores, department stores, discount stores and online. There are online shops that sell nothing but sterling silver jewelry so you would probably find the perfect silver diamond cross pendant at one of these Internet establishments.

Diamonds can definitely raise the price of a jewelry item, however if your cross contains a single small diamond it can still be very affordable even with this precious gemstone included. The price of a diamond depends on its carat, which is the weight of the stone, the cut, the clarity and the color. These are the 4 C’s that are so emphasized when engagement ring shopping. For your silver diamond cross pendant, go for a white diamond that matches well with the silver. This creates a dazzling monochromatic effect.

There are various ways you will find the silver diamond cross pendant designed. Sometimes, the diamond is displayed in the center and the silver has intricate cut out designs. Or, the cross may be solid silver with a simple diamond at the bottom or center. In some cases, there may be more than one diamond, for example the silver may be studded completely with diamonds. If you find a style of cross necklace you love, but real diamonds are too expensive for your budget, consider simulated diamonds.

These days, simulated diamonds are quite impressive, more so than the offerings of the past. Years ago, cubic zirconia stones and fake diamonds would cloud quickly. These days, the state of the art technology used to create these faux diamonds often leads to a stone that is as beautiful if not more so than the real thing and often do not get cloudy. One example is Diamonique, exclusively offered by the home shopping channel and website QVC. Another alternative when shopping for a silver diamond cross pendant is Austrian crystal such as Swarovski, the clear white stones can dazzle as brilliantly as a diamond and last just as long.

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