Silver Pearl Heart Rings

Rings are a woman’s all time favorite accessories. It is hard to find a woman who does not own a couple of rings to adorn her beautiful fingers. Gold, white gold or silver, rings are always on demand by stylish women all around the world. The heart shape is perhaps one of the most common designs found in jewelries today. From necklaces to earrings, the heart has been seen in almost all ornaments. And now the heart can also be carried on the sleeve. Literally. With heart shaped rings has come a new way of wearing the heart as an accessory.

Pearls are one of the nature’s most beautiful gifts to women. Women throughout the ages have adorned themselves with pearl necklaces and jewelries. Women like to show their pearls off, and what better way to show off a pearl than wearing it on the fingers? Wearing pearl heart rings is an effective way to show off the love for hearts and pearl at the same time, and within the eyes reach. Because pearls look best in silver, silver pearl heart rings is the way to go. Silver pearl heart rings can be of several forms. The shape of the heart can be big or small, so can the size of the pearl. The pearl can be elevated from the ring or can also be in level with the ring. A sterling silver heart ring, as found in the Overstock website, costs around US $19.61. This particular type of ring is highlighted with a spectacular mother of pearl – available in three different colors – blue, white and pink. This contemporary styled ring can enhance any outfit and is especially crafted from sterling silver (silver is called sterling when 92.5% of silver is used in its making). The dimensions of the heart are around 17.3mm by 16.5mm and the width of the band is 5.75mm.

Another beautiful ring is a sterling silver ring with a fresh-water pearl set in a heart-shaped motif. Priced at $27.97 only, the ring also has cubic zirconia accents on one side of the bank of the ring.  It measures 5/8” by 5/8” on both sides across the finger, and is a truly wonderful gift for someone you love.

On the Amazon website, can be found one more elegant silver pearl heart ring. The pearl in this one is a beautiful pink in color and has a cubic zirconia inset across the heart. This is priced at £16.85 and can be shipped gift-wrapped if required. Yet another gorgeous silver ring (also on Amazon) is the heart-shaped mother of pearl silver swirl motif ring. This one is a pretty natural colored heart-shaped pearl with a silver accent running through the heart. Priced at £15.40, this ring is going to be a great addition to the collection of jewelry.

A slightly different but equally pretty ring discovered in amazon was the silver pearl of heart and kiss shaped ring. This silver ring has two intertwining bands; the larger holding five beautifully carved heart-shaped pink pearls. This is priced at £13.50 and can look very elegant on freshly-manicured hands!

With all these different and gorgeous silver pearl heart rings, it is now easy to keep all the things you love and adore – pearl, heart and silver – locked in a band to adorn your hand all day long. However, when wearing statement rings as such, make sure there aren’t any other rings on the same hand as it can take away the beauty of the rings. Just slip one of these lovely rings on your finger, and that’s all the accessorizing your hand needs. Now, let your hand do all the talking!

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