Silver Rings for Women

One of the most popular precious metals for jewelry making is sterling silver. Defined as any piece containing 92.5 percent or more of pure silver, sterling makes excellent jewelry because the silver combined with another metal is durable, beautiful and can be crafted into all kinds of shapes. Pure silver cannot be used because it is too soft to work with and would damage easily. There are a limitless variety of silver rings for women from which you can choose, from simple to fancy and everything in between. If you are someone who loves collecting rings, silver ones are perfect for you because they are usually quite affordable.

For example, you can find a sterling silver band that can be worn as a simple ring on any finger or even as a wedding band. If you choose not to wear real diamonds for ethical or financial reasons you can easily find simulated diamonds set in sterling silver as well. These days more people are going this route as silver looks almost identical to white gold and simulated diamonds are sometimes even more dazzling than real ones. There are also plenty of fashion rings that can express your personal style. One popular type of ring is the birthstone ring, which you can commonly find set in sterling silver.

Birthstones have been popular for ages. Each month has a gemstone associated with it, hence the name birthstone. The month you were born in corresponds to your particular stone. Birthstone rings make wonderful birthday gifts for any girl or woman. There are also mother’s rings that feature the birthstones of each child together on one ring. This would make a sentimental Mother’s Day gift that would be treasured for a lifetime. No matter what your birthstone happens to be, you can find it set in gleaming sterling silver.

You don’t have to wear your birth month stone only ?it is perfectly acceptable to wear any gemstone you like. There are a plethora of silver rings for women that feature gorgeous gems like emerald, ruby, garnet, sapphire, opal, pearl and more. You can also find sterling silver rings featuring diamonds. And, there are rings that are silver only but shaped beautifully in abstract forms or to resemble other options. For example, if you love butterflies you will have no problem finding a sterling butterfly ring. Knuckle rings are a hot trend for ladies right now and many are done in silver. These rings cover the finger up to the knuckle area.

So where can you buy silver rings for women? A better question might be where can’t you? Most every jewelry store carries sterling silver rings. Even large discount department stores like Wal-Mart and Target have these rings. Other department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales and J.C. Penney also have sterling jewelry. Then of course there is Internet shopping. If you know your ring size, this is probably the best way to find the largest selection. And, shopping online makes it so easy to compare features and prices also.

Silver rings for women are ideal if you have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or any other young lady for whom you want to start a jewelry collection. Because the rings are affordable, you don’t have to stress over it getting lost or stolen like you would with solid gold. It is easy to find coordinating bracelets, necklaces and earrings also done in sterling silver. Many young women love the trendy look of silver which goes with any outfit they choose to wear, from casual denim to a prom dress and everything in between.

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