Silver Snake Chain

You have probably seen a silver snake chain, but perhaps weren’t aware of what it was called. This is a very popular chain with a few variations, and it can be worn equally well by men or women. While some chains are just too ornamental or feminine to be worn by guys, a silver stake chain is made in such a way as to resemble a tube and it is formed by fitting together small cups or wavy rings. The finished product looks much like a snakeskin, thus the name snake chain.

Silver Brazilian Chain and Silver Snake Chain in the Diamond Cut
The first variation of a snake chain that is extremely popular is the diamond cut chain, in which a special cut is used and then highly buffed so that the silver sparkles like diamonds. The silver itself is cut to resemble facets in a diamond, then when the polishing/buffing is complete it does, indeed, look like diamonds from a distance. At times you may hear a snake chain referred to as a Brazilian chain, but it is one and the same. Being called Brazilian doesn’t mean that it is one of the variations, but the variations would all be Brazilian or snake. It’s just a matter of what you call it.

Tornado, Square and Oval Cut Silver Snake Chain
After the diamond cut silver snake chain, the three other variations that are quite popular are the tornado, square and oval cuts. The tornado is formed in much the same way except that it is twisted. An oval snake chain has the tubes (cups) cut in such a way as to form an ovular pattern while a square silver snake chain has squared tubes as opposed to cylindrical or oval. While the technique is the same for making the chain, the segments are shaped a bit differently. It still looks like a long tube, but with variations based on the shape of the cups/tubes.

How to Care for a Silver Snake Chain

One of the most important things to be aware of when purchasing a silver snake chain is that silver is apt to tarnish, especially when exposed for prolonged periods to the air and chemicals within your body. The best way to care for a silver snake chain is to store it, when not being warn, with a tarnish resistant cloth. Silver is also quite soft and will scratch quite easily. The cloth will protect the metal but it can also be used to polish up the chain.

Silver Snake Chain Necklaces and Bracelets
While a silver snake chain is most often worn as a necklace, with or without a pendant, silver snake chain bracelets are also quite fashionable. If a pendant or charm is going to hang from the chain, it is best to find a chain that is not extremely large in diameter. Although there are heavier snake chains, they usually aren’t well suited to charms and/or pendants. However, there are some large, oversized crosses and large pendants that can be worn well with a heavy silver snake chain.

Prices for silver chains are quite reasonable. While there are also gold snake chains, obviously a sliver snake chain would cost considerably less money. In fact, many people actually prefer the silver color to yellow gold which makes it really nice because of the cost factor. The best place to find good deals on a silver snake chain would be online because these jewelers don’t usually have high overhead and can pass the savings on to you. Whether you are looking for a snake chain for yourself or as a gift, they are quite popular and it is certain that you can find just what you are looking for.

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