Silver Stud Earrings

One of the greatest benefits of sterling silver stud earrings is that they are both attractive and affordable. When you have pierced ears, you can never have too many earrings and silver stud earrings are ideal because they can be worn for dress or casual, at home or at work, and studs aren’t usually too ostentatious. While hoops and dangles can be a bit brazen, stud earrings are usually smaller and size which makes them almost an understatement. There are also larger stud earrings and those which have a dangle, but for the most part, stud earrings are small and fit nicely centered on the lobe of the ear.

Birthstone Silver Stud Earrings
Birthstones are one of the most common trends in silver stud earrings whether natural gemstones or synthetic replicas of a birthstone. Some months have extremely costly birthstones, such as April with diamonds or July with rubies, so cubic zirconia set in sterling makes an affordable set of birthstone earrings. Other birthstones can also be quite expensive, but it’s always nice to wear your color. With silver birthstone stud earrings, it is possible to have several pair in different styles because the cost is comparatively low.

Silver Stud Earrings for Women
There are a number of truly gorgeous pairs of sterling stud earrings for women. Some of them are ornate and set with precious or semi-precious stones, while others are just simple posts with a silver bead or silver shape in the front. Quite often silver stud earrings are fashioned as little icons representing a career. There are tiny scissors for hairdressers, tiny ballet slippers for dancers and silver apples for teachers. With so many occupations, there is sure to be a shape to represent each and every one. Most often sterling silver stud earrings for women are more ornate than earrings for men, but this isn’t always the case!

Silver Stud Earrings for Men
Most often silver stud earrings for men are available as a single earring. However, some fashions are unisex, and as such come in a pair. At the moment, retro is in so two tone silver and black peace sign earrings are fashionable for men as well as women. Men often wear little silver playing cards, dice, comic book heroes or even a single silver stud earring with a diamond, cubic zirconia or other precious stone. Some men even wear a stud earring with a silver bulb at the end. Other trendy earrings for men are silver skull and crossbones, skulls, and silver posts with a flame imprinted on the ball.

Silver Stud Earrings with Dangles

Some stud earrings have a dangle hanging from the front that can be up to a couple inches in length. Actually, stud earrings are best for chain dangles because they fit more securely to the ear and are tightly clasped in the back. Silver stud earrings with dangles can have stones in the chains, or simply several chains of varying lengths. Pearls are often used in silver dangle earrings as well as crosses, hearts and little silver bows.

Because many people prefer stud earrings to hoops or wires, there are an almost infinite number of styles to choose from. They can be quite inexpensive, but can also run into a tidy sum. It is very rare to be allergic to silver so they are often worn by people who are allergic to other metals. You can find silver stud earrings for both men and women as well as for little girls. There will never be a shortage of silver earrings, so if you are looking for a last minute gift, sterling silver stud earrings would make an excellent choice. After all, you can never have too many earrings!

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