Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is a mine that is situated in Globe, Arizona. Initially, the mine was used for both gold and copper. In the past ten years or so, the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine has been used primarily to mine very high quality turquoise. The mountain of the mine itself has also received the nickname “Sleeping Beauty” because it has a striking resemblance to an actual sleeping lady.

The turquoise that comes from the Sleeping Beauty Mountain will range in color tones from an extremely light “Sky Blue” to a much darker “Royal Blue”. The color remains the same throughout the stone, as Sleeping Beauty turquoise is not a matrix stone. The shades of blue that the stone will feature will vary but you can see this before purchasing so you can get the shade that appeals most to you.

The True Blue Jewelry Company
The company that is known for mining turquoise from Sleeping Beauty Mountain is the True Blue Jewelry Company. They not only mine the turquoise, but they sell it as well. It is available in chunks, jewelry, and more. One popular choice is the Sleeping Beauty turquoise beads that can be used for making jewelry. The True Blue Jewelry Company opened up the True Blue Jewelry Store just recently. At the store, you can find Sleeping Beauty turquoise chunks, jewelry, gifts, and more. This is an online store, which can be found at

Types of Loose Turquoise
There are various types of loose turquoise that can be bought from The Sleeping Beauty Jewelry Store. Some of the different pieces include nuggets, chunks, and flats. Take a look below to get an idea on what each type of loose turquoise is.

  • Nuggets – this simply refers to the solid pieces of turquoise. They are usually solid, spherical in shape, and do not have any significant breaks in the surface.
  • Chunks – these pieces of turquoise usually have a similar thickness level. The difference between chunks and nuggets of turquoise is that the chunks usually have at least one significant break in the surface.
  • Flats – These particular types of loose turquoise pieces feature a considerate length and width but do not have much thickness at all. They are often compared to as being wafers because of these characteristics.

Buying Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
If you are interested in buying Sleeping Beauty turquoise jewelry, then you will have to visit the company’s website. In their store, there is a selection of turquoise products available that may interest you. There are loose pieces of turquoise (nuggets, chunks, and flats), as well as turquoise jewelry and gifts.

In the shop, you can find sample packages of loose turquoise for under $20. Their main sample pack will include chunks and flats of Sleeping Beauty turquoise. The sample pack would be a good start to a turquoise collection and it can be very effective for jewelry purposes as well.

It is also important to know that the turquoise sold through The True Blue Jewelry Store is generally natural turquoise. There is no chemical treatment done to the majority of Sleeping beauty turquoise in order to modify its’ appearance. There are a few products that they offer that consist of stabilized/enhanced turquoise but this will be stated on the product information. For the most part, the turquoise sold in their store is completely natural though.

Turquoise is a beautiful stone that can be a great addiction to any stone collection. It can also be very appealing when used with jewelry. Turquoise is also one of the more affordable stones that are highly desired. To close, if you have any interest in buying turquoise stones or jewelry, then you should definitely check out The True Blue Jewelry Store at when you can get the chance.

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