Snake Necklace

Throughout time many women (and men!) have been fond of wearing a snake necklace, the most notable being of course, Cleopatra. But there are plenty of contemporary celebs that can be seen sporting a fashionable snake necklace including Madonna, Rhianna, Brittney Spears, Kate Walsh, Paris Hilton and even Hillary Duff. Once you know what you are looking for you won’t have any trouble whatsoever spotting one on your favorite stars – but not always around their neck! That’s right; some snake necklaces aren’t always worn around the neck.

Flexible Snake Necklace
Some snake necklaces are actually bendable so they can be worn elsewhere on the body as well. Often they are wrapped around the wrist to be worn as a bracelet, while other times they are wrapped once around the ankle with the head of the snake wound up the leg pointed at the knee. You become the designer with this type of snake necklace because you can mold it just about anywhere it will fit! Some women even wind them in their hairstyles for a truly remarkable look.

Snake Necklace with Precious Stones

Because a snake necklace is open to interpretation, some of the more unusual ones are fashioned with gemstones as the eyes. The long ‘slithery’ snakes that hang from the necklace are often made with a ruby or emerald (or both) on the head. When both stones are present the emerald or blue sapphire at times, are set as the eye while the ruby is the tongue set to strike at any moment for the kill. This is the sort of snake necklace that Madonna was photographed wearing and one similar to it is made by PADMA and retails for just under $1,000.

Haute Hippie Snake Choker
Retro is in and there is nothing more old school than rhinestones. The Haute Hippie Snake Choker blends the most notable fashion of the mid part of the last century with all the bling of the current age. The designer employed a wide range of sizes in rhinestones on the choker that frames the neck. It has a hook and eye clasp that is set partway up the tail so that the tail is offset down the back. The rhinestones are set to fashion the detail on the snake and this is one piece that will definitely get looks!

Snake Loop Necklace

Another version of the snake necklace is a snake that is looped to look like the beginning of a coil. Hung from a chain around the neck, this snake loop necklace has the mouth of the snake open (the chain goes through a loop at the mouth) as if it is biting the chain. Anyone who collects snake jewelry will absolutely love the snake loop necklace. This particular snake has etched scales on a gold body and the head is covered with pave cubic zirconia. But the bling doesn’t stop there! The tale of the rattler is also fashioned with pave CZ.

Snake jewelry is trending this season and you can find a number of truly exotic pieces. No wardrobe is complete without one or more snake necklaces which you will find in silver or gold of any color. Some are fashioned with lots of bling while others are slithery snakes that have the scales etched into the metalwork. Whether worn as a charm attached to a necklace or as a bendable snake that can be wound around the neck, you will find a fashion to suit you. Just take a few moments to look at what the stars are wearing and you’ll have a place to start when looking for a snake necklace that you want to make your own.

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