Snake Pendant Necklace

There are many beautiful ways to wear a snake pendant. Pendants are adornments that are slid onto chains and come in many different designs. Snake pendants can be platinum, gold, silver, adorned with gemstones and configured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While both men and women can wear this type of necklace, some women worry that the snake isn’t a feminine symbol and thus would not be flattering for them. Nothing could be further from the truth, it all depends on the style of snake pendant you choose. Many people are unaware of the rich symbolic history of the snake and the significance of wearing an amulet or talisman, basically the same thing as a pendant that carries special meaning.

The snake is an animal that has many mystical connotations. They symbolize new beginnings, as you might associate with the shedding of their skins. They are adaptable, and also have both positive and negative associations in society. There is a reason the snake is featured on the official medical physician symbol, and that is because the reptile often represents healing. A snake pendant would make an excellent gift for a doctor. In some primitive cultures the snake was a representation of sexuality and fertility. In Victorian times, snake rings were worn as wedding bands to symbolize entwined love and life.

A snake pendant necklace can serve as an amulet or talisman which are words used to describe pieces of jewelry charged with mystical powers that bring luck, protection and/or love to the wearer. In the animal kingdom, the snake is a creature that hides itself well and comes out to bask in the sun when it senses safety. Also patient when hunting for prey, the snake lies in wait until the time is right to strike. Snakes also represent intuition, perhaps because of their ability to sense vibrations in their environment.

When shopping for a snake pendant necklace, it is recommended that materials that are plated and filled be avoided. Gold filled and gold plated chains can lose their luster quickly, taking on a faux appearance and even turning the skin a greenish color due to the components in the metal. Good materials for chains and pendants include platinum, white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. However there are many innovative jewelry makers who select different materials for their snake pendant necklaces, with one example being Murano.

Murano is famous for their beautiful art glass. Their snake pendants come in colors like orange, purple, blue and even black. These glass pendants are ideal when strung on leather, fabric or even ribbon. An example of a fine metal snake pendant is the $1500 white gold and diamond pendant available from Shop NBC. Another beautiful pendant you might like is from Heavenly Treasures which is crafted from 18k gold and is encrusted with white and black diamonds and emerald eyes. No matter what your personal style is, there is a snake pendant to suit you.

Next time you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, consider the snake pendant. Regardless of your price range or the style you are seeking, there is a pendant perfect for you. The Internet is an excellent source when it comes to selection and price comparison. Using any major search engine, you can look up all kinds of different pendants and compare styles and prices. These days, shopping for jewelry online is safe, easy and convenient. Between sites like Ebay, Amazon and specialty jewelry stores you will find a wide range of pendants and chains available.

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