Star Sapphire Rings

Star Sapphire rings are quite exquisite and a popular choice among many women. Since 800BC sapphires have been worn by kings and queens and others of nobility. They are thought to have mystical qualities that can ward off evil. In the ancient past, the star sapphire has been looked on as being able to guard against witchcraft while representing purity, truth, chastity, wisdom, piety and repentance. Star Sapphire rings can now be worn by anyone who loves fine jewelry. Sapphires are found in exotic locations such as Thailand, India, Ceylon, Burma Vietnam, Brazil, Australia and Africa. The word Sapphire has its own meaning and it comes from the Latin and Greek word “sapheiros.”

When you buy a star sapphire ring you will be getting one that has a unique cut. You will have one that is not like the normal sapphire. Star sapphires are different in that they do not have facets, or flat planes, like you see on other sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Star sapphires are cut into cabochons. The word cabochon is a French word that means hat so you can see how it would describe a domed or rounded smooth cut and will allow for it to have four to six rayed figure displayed on the dome when it reflects the light. This reflected light is called “asterism” and you can actually see a star, hence the term, star sapphire. The star effect is caused by an inclusion in the stone, which can be a crack or fissure. Star sapphires can have tiny needles known as rutile or silk in them which will cause you to be able to see a six or twelve pointed white star in them. As you move the ring around you will be able to see the asterism being reflected by the light.

When translated the word for sapheiros means “blue.” However, sapphires come in a variety of colors which will be dependant on the amount of iron and chromium inclusion in them along with certain other mineral types. Pink, purple, orange, green, yellow and red sapphires have all been found which are be polished and used to make sapphire rings. When a pinkish sapphire is used the closer it gets to a rich salmon color the price will immediately increase. These sapphires are called Padparadscha sapphires. Their beauty and brilliance takes true craftsmanship to cut the stone to ensure the vibrancy of the color is realized. Nonetheless, a poorly cut sapphire will produce a dull appearance which can be too dark.

You can tell if a star sapphire ring has a stone in it that has been treated with heat. When no heat is used the asterisms will be unbroken. Consumers should be aware that sapphires are treated with heat up to 3000 degrees C to enhance their color 99% of the time. The value of a star sapphire depends on the sharpness of the star and the intensity of the body color.

Star sapphire rings are very rare and well prized. They make a stunning piece of jewelry for any woman to wear. A star sapphire ring is something to boast about and will make conversation piece for those interested in fine jewelry. You should save a star sapphire ring to give for a momentous occasion. They are regarded as a most appropriate gift to give for a 45 year anniversary as a symbolism of dedication, devotion and perpetual love. The beauty of a star sapphire ring is unparalleled.

If you are in the market for a star sapphire ring you will be happy to know that there are a number of jewelers online that offer a free design service which will allow you to design your own ring. When buying a star sapphire ring pay close attention to the size and shape of the gemstone. The larger stones are usually better and will display the star asterism in the middle.

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