Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelets

Folklore has it that a silver bullet shot through the heart is a very definite way of stopping a rampaging vampire. It would not be easy, though, to verify the effectiveness of this idea, considering that there is a general shortage of rampaging vampires. However, a sterling silver heart charm bracelet can be proven to be very effective in starting a rampage of emotions in the receiving party.

Silver is a metallic chemical element with the chemical symbol Ag which is shortform for the Latin word “argentum”, a word derived from the Indo-European root “arg” which means “grey” or “shining”. It is a soft, white lustrous metal with the highest electrical conductivity rating of any element and the highest thermal conductivity rating of any metal. Silver can be found in its pure, free form and also as an alloy with gold and other minerals.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver consisting of 92.5% silver, by weight and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard is set at a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. Millesimal fineness is a system of grading the purity of platinum, gold and silver alloys defined as parts per thousand of pure metal by mass in the alloy. So, an alloy containing 75% gold is graded as 750. This is commonly used in many European countries. In the United Kingdom and United States, the grading used refers to the alloy as ’14K’, ’18K’, etc. This is calculated as a fraction of 24, so ’18K’ means 75% (ie 18 parts out of 24) purity.

For use in jewelry the common millesimal fineness are as follows:

  • Platinum: 950
  • Gold: 999 (equivalent to 24K), 585 (equivalent to 14K)
  • Silver: 925 (also known as sterling silver), 900 (also known as coin silver)

The exact origin of the word “sterling” is not generally agreed upon but sterling alloy came from continental Europe and has been in commercial use since the twelfth century in what is now northern Germany. It is very possible that the word “sterling” came from the late Old English word “steorling” which is a coin with a star. Used on its own, the word “sterling” denotes exceptional qualities.

For about a hundred years from 1840 onwards, sterling silver flatware was standard utensil for setting a table properly. This culinary fashion prompted the emergence of large numbers of silver companies during that time. The five decades from 1870 to 1920 saw this obsession with silver reaching the high point where flatware lines included up to 100 different pieces of silverware. Anything and everything set on the table was made of silver from soup spoons to soup bowls. Verily a sight to stimulate the heart of anyone who had invested in silver shares.

The heart is a myogenic muscular organ found in all animals with a circulatory system. It is the pump that keeps things going. In everyday language, the heart is considered to be the instigator as well as the repository of emotions. This, of course, is purely symbolic, as any heart surgeon can tell you.

A charm bracelet is an item of jewelry worn around the wrist, suitably embellished with charms ie decorative pendants or trinkets which are of significance to the wearer. Charm bracelets have undergone many rounds of popularity in the past. There was a time when the European nobles would not be seen leaving home without a charm bracelet ever since Queen Victoria started wearing them.

In later days, charm bracelets would enjoy a revival due to mass media influences. For example, the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” started the fashion of wearing charm bracelets with pendants in the shape of swords, crosses and skulls.

Since 2002, Europe started a new trend in charm bracelets which crossed the Atlantic to inspire jewelry collectors in the United States. These charm bracelets are modular, consisting of a chain on which different beads in the form of charms can be put. These charms are made of gold, silver and even Murano glass, which is a famous product from the Venetian island of Murano. Murano glass is an integral component of the multi-colored Venetian glass found in churches.

A heart charm bracelet is one way of showing that the wearer is a warm person with an affectionate inclination. Make the heart charm bracelet in sterling silver and you would have a piece of jewelry that would be a most welcome gift. The giver does not need to have misgivings about shopping for a sterling silver heart charm bracelet.

The range of sterling silver heart charm bracelets found being sold over the internet are very affordable. For example, a Tiffany-inspired sterling silver heart charm bracelet called Eve’s Addiction, with a single heart-shaped tag hanging from a link bracelet held together with a toggle clasp, is only $52.

Another one with an engravable heart charm on a heavy gauge link toggle sterling silver bracelet of 44 grams is only $88. If you like the heart charm in a different design, there is an open heart charm hanging from a seven-inch-long heart-shaped sleek sterling silver link bracelet available for $50. Or you can get a sterling silver Rolo bracelet with interlocking round links and a pink Venetian glass heart charm for only $120.

There are also heart charms inlaid with diamonds like the sterling silver link bracelet with a 0.25 carat diamond-encrusted heart charm for $139. If the heart charm is enhanced with Red Cubic Zirconia, the price is $198. A sterling silver bracelet with a beautiful freshwater cultured 6 mm pearl and an engravable heart charm is only $45. If you want it with a Puffed Heart Charm, it is $35.

Actually there are so many more that you can choose from. Just google for it. Better still go goggle shopping with someone near to your heart.

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