Sterling Silver Locket

When people talk about silver objects, they think they are talking about pure silver. However, what many people do not know is that it cannot be possible. Of course, pure silver does exist. But pure silver is too soft to be functionally used in its natural form; it always has to exist in an alloy form. Therefore, when people are presumably talking about ‘pure’ silver, they are indeed talking about the second best possibility, and that is sterling silver. Silver is called sterling when it contains 92.5% of silver in its making, along with other metals such as copper.

Sterling silver is used extensively in creating jewelry, accessories, kitchen utensils, vases, lamps and a number of other functional and decorative objects. Sterling silver is highly popular in the jewelry world. Sterling silver lockets are perhaps one of the most ought after of sterling jewelry. Every woman possibly owns or, at least, has seen a sterling silver locket. It is abundant in the jewelry arena. And can exist in every possible shape, size, and motif possible.

Perhaps one of the most common motifs for a sterling silver locket is the heart shape. Heart-shaped sterling silver lockets are everywhere. Heart shaped sterling silver lockets are in fashion all the time, and therefore a woman can never really go wrong with it. Another common shape can be seen as being the cross. The Cross or Celtic shaped pendants are also all the rage amongst believers all over the world. Even non-believers are sometimes seen to fashion one of these trendy sterling silver cross lockets. Sterling silver crosses are great to present to little girls during their baptism. Oval or rectangular form of sterling silver lockets are seen all over as well. These are particularly easier to create or to wear, and also allows more space to keep smaal treasured stuff. For those who want to get lucky, there are four clover sterling silver lockets available that are too charming to escape the eye; or good luck in this case. Some of these are amazing little things since they can open up, leaf by leaf to reveal the four mot important people in miniature forms! If one is a fan of animals, dogs, cats, owls or even dolphins, there is surely to be found a sterling silver locket that will allow them to keep their favorite beings hanging on their necks.

Sterling silver lockets are great gift items to loved ones as they can put small meaningful pictures or images. Some may be carved with such intricate designs, initials or motifs on the surface that it will surely be a cherished gift for them.

Simple sterling silver lockets are also a great base to start for further design endeavors. Simple sterling silver lockets can be encrusted with diamond, or the more affordable, Cubic Zirconia crystals, to give the locket a more dazzling look. Colored gems can further be mounted on designer silver lockets to add to their beauty. For example, the owl or dolphin locket mentioned above can be with colored gem that have been mounted on the eyes of the animal. Sterling silver heart or cross lockets sparkling with crystals or diamonds can surely lure any women to buy them!

It takes considerable effort and time to create beautiful lockets that contain the space where a photograph of a loved one can be stored. Only highly skilled craftsmen can create intricately detailed lockets in various shapes while keeping enough space to keep something important. Sterling silver lockets are truly great jewelry items that can be worn in any season and by any one.

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