Sterling Silver Rolo Chain

When you are looking for a chain, perhaps for a necklace or bracelet, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming at times. All those names can be a bit daunting unless you are a jeweler or in the business in some way. For example, there is the Singapore, herringbone, rope, fox and even the Figaro chain. When it comes to a sterling silver rolo chain, it is no less confusing. A rolo chain is simplicity, beauty and utility all rolled into one.

Construction of a Rolo Chain
At first glance a rolo chain might be misleading because of its simple construction, but it is one of the most durable chains and it is the simplicity that makes it so attractive. Rolo chains are identified by their symmetrical links that are usually round. Some are oval, but in all cases they are symmetrical. Similar to a rope chain in that respect, a sterling silver rolo chain lays flatter against the body. They come in all thicknesses with the finer chains being more suitable to women and children with heavier chains being great for men.

Sterling Silver Rolo Chain by the Inch
Of course you can always buy rolo chains that have been assembled with a clasp, but many people choose to buy this type of chain by the inch because it is easy to cut in designated lengths. Some chains are just too busy to cut well, and others are not as versatile as a rolo. This particular style can be worn as a chain for a charm bracelet or pendant, or can just as easily be worn alone with just as much flare. Men often wear thick rolo chains without any adornments because they are attractive without being overwhelming. Also, since they can be easily cut by the inch, men can have the length tailored to their size much more easily.

Double and Hammered Sterling Silver Rolo Chains
It may sound as if rolo chains are plain, but nothing could be further from the truth. Actually there are some interesting variations that make this an ideal chain both for strength as well as for beauty. One of the most popular variations is a double rolo chain that still maintains uniform links yet there are two sets of them joined together. A hammered rolo is also an attractive variation where the chain is hammered to give it a textured look. Both single rolo chains and double chains can be hammered which gives them an interesting look.

Charms, Medallions and Pendants
Rolo chains are great for charms, medallions and pendants which is why you will often see a charm bracelet or necklace with a pendant made from a rolo chain. Because of the uniformity of the links, the charm or medallion will slide easily along the chain, even if it is double or has been hammered. There are bold and chunky rolo chains where the charm is actually attached to a link or to a ring at the clasp and there are lighter weight sterling silver rolo chains that have the charm attached by a loop and/or bail. Even lightweight rolo chains are sturdy enough in their construction to hold a pendant without fear of snapping the chain.

Bold and chunky rolo chains can be worn alone or graced with a charm while medium to lightweight chains usually hold a pendant or medallion. Whether you are looking for a custom length of rolo chain – single or double – or simply want a rolo chain bracelet or necklace it is easy to find them both in local stores and on the internet. Most often you will get better prices online because merchants have lower overhead, but in either case, you can’t go wrong with a rolo chain.

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