Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Most often toe rings are worn in warm summer months when sandals are the footwear of choice, yet toe rings can be purchased year round as there are a number of locations where the temperature doesn’t usually get too cold for open toed shoes. In fact, the best buys may be available during winter months because many vendors choose to reduce their previous season’s stock to make room for the upcoming season/s. Sterling silver toe rings are available year-round and they can be found for men, women and children. Stock up now so that you are ready when the warm weather hits once again!

Women’s Toe Rings

There are an almost infinite number of fashionable women’s toe rings, many of which are fashioned from sterling silver. Some have cubic zirconia and other stones, precious or semi precious while others are plain or ornately designed silver bands. Among the favorites are open work elephant bands, dolphin skinny bands and butterflies. Also available are the Hawaiian heart band and hula lei reminiscent of romantic days spent on the pristine beaches of that tropical paradise.

Men’s Sterling Silver Toe Rings

We tend to think of toe rings as a lady’s fashion; however there is an assortment of men’s sterling silver to rings that have become quite trendy. Some of the all time favorites would be the silver Malibu toe ring for the surfer in you, the sterling peace toe ring, the weave and the Celtic weave bands. Men’s toe rings to tend to be a bit bolder than the ladies’ versions but there are also styles like the Celtic weave and dolphin band that are available in both men’s and ladies’ sizes.

Children’s Toe Rings

Even children can be seen sporting sterling silver toe rings and there are styles especially suitable for the smaller person. Some children like to wear the ladies’ elephant or butterflies toe rings while others like the cubic zirconia ‘bling’ bands. Currently popular with preteens are twisted bands, peace toe rings and the sweetheart’s toe rings fashioned from a ring of hearts, every other heart facing upwards with the adjoining hearts upside down.

Sterling Silver Stacks
Stack rings are not only made for the fingers and there are a number of trendy toe rings that were made to be worn in stacks. For instance, the braid stack 3 in 1 sterling silver toe rings are quite popular with both men and women as are the Fat Boy stacks. Each of those retails for just over $40. Then there are the Laguna silver rings that have a slim gold band on either side of the sterling silver Laguna. Because jewelry is trending big and bold, even toe rings are following that trend.

Caring for Sterling Silver Toe Rings
The only time a sterling silver toe ring is likely to quickly turn colors is if you spend any amount of time swimming in chlorinated pools. Usually the ocean doesn’t quickly darken the silver which is a pretty stable metal that doesn’t tarnish easily. The alloys do however tarnish so cleaning your sterling silver toe rings from time to time should keep them bright. There are some body lotions and creams which may react with the alloys as well, but if you clean your rings with a jewelry cloth after wearing them you should not need special cleaners very often.

Even if you live in a climate with four seasons, any time is a great time to find a number of fashionable sterling silver toe rings. Moderately priced, sterling silver is an ideal choice and there are some toe rings that even have precious and semi precious stones. Care for your toe rings and they will last you a lifetime. Because there are fashions for men, women and children, you should always be able to find the perfect toe ring, in any size or any style.

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