Sterling Silver Wheat Chain

The links of a sterling silver wheat chain are attached and appear like wheat grains. Wheat chains are normally made up of a number of stands of oval and twisted oval links. All these strands are braided and woven together with each other to make a stunning chain of superb visual texture. A sterling silver wheat chain adds a unique touch as a sterling silver necklace. These chains are an effortless way to add feminine style to your ensemble but at the same time they add a distinctive look for men. Sterling silver wheat chains are very a very popular style of chain to wear. They come in varied thicknesses and lengths. These chains are great for special occasion gifts but you can also buy one for yourself to wear as an every day piece. Both women and men love to wear these types of chains so they also make perfect gifts for the men in your life and are not just for women. Any woman who buys such a chain necklace or bracelet for a man will be very much appreciated.

For those who have a friend or loved one who adores sterling silver jewelry, it is easier than ever to find stunning custom silver jewelry to fit their particular style. Sterling silver wheat chains make terrific gifts for the holidays and any other special occasion. Sterling silver jewelry not only enhances fashion of all styles and colors, but additionally will become an incredible keepsake you will cherish for many years to come. When selecting sterling silver wheat chains try to find custom made or hand crafted sterling silver chains. Nowadays there are custom made jewelry sites on the internet that will sell these beautiful chains “by the inch.” This is fantastic news because you can now very easily get the exact length that you prefer for a necklace, bracelet or anklet.

Wearing a sterling silver wheat chain necklace can actually make a stunning fashion statement, one that combines both simplicity and style. Silver is still very affordable right now and very wearable for almost all occasions. It is perfectly acceptable to wear one of these chains when you go out shopping and not look like you are over dressed. On the other hand, you can wear a simple sterling silver wheat chain necklace with formal wear and present a stunning appearance. Say, perhaps with a plunging or scooped neckline. Sterling silver looks particularly beautiful with a black blouse or a dark colored velvety outfit and is perfect for evening wear.

Some silver wheat chain necklaces come embellished with precious stones or pearls. Silver is especially pretty with the luminous colors of various precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, garnets and turquoise. Almost all women covet a sterling silver wheat chain necklace though, even with out the stones. These chains can be substantial enough to give your outfit the energy it needs to pull off your style statement.

When shopping for sterling silver wheat chain necklaces it’s important to consider the design, cut, weight and length of the chain as well. You should also look for authentic sterling silver chains that have the 925 mark on them to ensure you are getting genuine silver. Some are diamond cut wheat chains. Others are sold as double wheat chains and Franco wheat chains. There are also box cut wheat chains. Take into consideration your height and build when purchasing. Some wheat chains can be over powering for a small framed person. If you are looking for a nice gift for a man, check out the 2.2mm wheat chains. These are the thicker wheat chains. Men also wear sterling silver wheat chain bracelets. Look for solid sterling silver or even two toned silver and gold bracelets for men. The diamond cut sterling silver chains are all the rage right now. However, not everyone will like them. Be sure you shop around online for the best selection and pricing. You will also be able to find more of a variety online as well.

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