Swarovski Crystal Earrings

In today’s jewelry industry, there are certain elite companies that distinguish themselves by offering only the finest products, crafted solely from the highest quality raw materials. One such company is Swarovski, the brand name carrying worldwide recognition for their luxurious crystals and crystal jewelry.

Swarovski crystals are used to create crystal glass miniatures and sculptures and to adorn clothing, jewelry, chandeliers or other home décor elements. All Swarovski sculptures are inscribed with the brand’s logo, which evolved from the original edelweiss flower, to a “S.A.L.” engraving, and finally to the current swan logo.

The brand is nowadays recognized worldwide, sometimes to the point of crystal jewelry being uniquely associated with the Swarovski name. The crystals produced by Swarovski have earned their fame through their unique features: precision cuts, impressive clarity and marvelous sparkle. Swarovski crystals are used to create a wide variety of jewelry, from necklaces and pendants to rings, earrings and tiaras.

The reason why the Swarovski crystals are highly coveted in the jewelry industry is their unique appearance and brilliant refraction characteristics, as well as unparalleled cuts and innovative shapes. In order to obtain the rainbow spectrum refraction that Swarovski crystals exhibit, certain coating techniques are used. One of the most popular is called Aurora Borealis, or simply “AB”, which is a metallic coating used on some crystals to ensure that the light refracted by their surface disperses into a rainbow spectrum of colors. Such technique, in conjunction with a glass composition containing 32 percent lead, yields the high quality, marvelous Swarovski crystals that enchant us all.

Swarovski crystals come in a wide range of colors, varying from light to dark shades and from transparent to smoky appearance. You will find Swarovski crystals exhibiting beautiful shades of red, green, yellow, but also darker tones like blue, black or gray. There is one chromatic ensemble, unique to Swarovski crystals, called “cantaloupe”, which makes the crystal’s color to vary from pink to green and gray, depending upon the angle under which the light hits it.

When it comes to shapes, Swarovski crystals offer you numerous choices – cube shaped, round faceted, heart-shaped or bi-cone. Such variety allows a complex, exquisite crystal assembly to be created, having a unique appearance.

If you are woman that prefers crystal jewelry, then your collection is incomplete if you do not possess a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings. The flawless sparkle of Swarovski crystals adorning your ears will definitely enchant everyone around you.

A wide variety of choices awaits you, should you choose to search for a jewelry piece adorned by Swarovski crystals, with some particularly beautiful items outlined below.

Our first choice comes under the form of amethyst Swarovski crystals drop earrings, which are gold plated and feature alternating rows of amethysts and a lighter, pink-colored stone. These earrings are perfectly suited for those who prefer amethyst or, considering that this pink gem is the birthstone of February, as a gift for someone born in that month.

Another possibility comes under the form of Swarovski crystal heart-shaped or button earrings. Both designs carry an inherent delicacy that will elegantly blend in with your appearance. One variation on these designs consists of the Swarovski crystal drop earrings, which adds a touch of formality and even more elegance, given by the additional shimmering chain.

For those who have a dynamic, open personality, then a sports design will suit them best. A pair of Swarovski crystal clip-on earrings can definitely add elegance and at the same time, playfulness to any attire, including an informal one.

As a conclusion, it can be said that Swarovski is a company that offers only the highest quality crystals, cut into the finest facets possible, under a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If you plan on adding a crystal jewelry piece to your collection, then it would be a good idea to start with a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings – their sparkling elegance will delicately complement your attire and will surely enchant everyone around you.

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