Swarovski Flower Pendant

A respectable jewelry set can be deemed complete only if it contains at least one crystal item. Crystal jewelry is made from natural quartz crystal and distinguishes itself by its dazzling beauty, often improved by adding colors and finishes. Crystal jewelry can be found under various finished forms, as well as crystal beads to create your own jewelry. Such crystal beads come in many shapes and sizes: cubed, heart-shaped, round faceted or bi-coned. This allows for great diversity when creating jewelry from crystal beads, with high potential to suit numerous fashion trends.

One of the oldest and most renowned names in the world when it comes to crystal jewelry is Swarovski.  Swarovski crystals are the synonym of luxury, great quality and exquisite items. They are renowned for their brilliant sparkle and perfect clarity conferred by the high-precision cut, and can be found on the market as various jewelry pieces: pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and tiaras. The characteristics of Swarovski crystals are unmatched in both style and substance. The colors of Swarovski crystals cover a broad spectrum of shades, from light to dark, as well as a translucent, bold or hazy appearance. Common colors include red, green, yellow, blue and various shades of gray and black. In addition, the term “cantaloupe” has been coined by Swarovski to define a unique crystal that changes its color from gray, to pink, to green in accordance to the angle of the reflected light.

In order to obtain such iridescent facets, Swarovski crystals result from a composition of glass and 32% lead. In addition, some Swarovski crystals are coated with an Aurora Borealis finish, which is a blend of rainbow colors. Due to the lead in the composition, many nuances are created when the crystal’s distinctly cut facets reflect light, while the Aurora Borealis coating accentuates this effect.

A popular piece of crystal jewelry is the Swarovski pendant, which comes under many different colors, such as violet,”silvershade” (silvery and translucent), light rose, peridot (a shade of green), and the aforementioned Aurora Borealis (all the colors of the rainbow, depending on the perspective of the viewer). In order to suit every taste, the Swarovski pendants can be found under various shapes like stars, crosses, flowers, “teardrops”, and snowflakes.

The choice between these variants is a matter of personal preference, but one of the most delicate and exquisite design among the Swarovski pendants is the floral one.

A delicate piece of jewelry such as a crystal pendant requires to be crafted under an equally fine shape. The flower motif allows for great flexibility in design, but no matter the exact form, the resulting crystal will delight your eyes with every glimpse. A Swarovski flower pendant is an excellent piece of jewelry to wear daily, as either necklace or earrings. No matter what part of your body is adorned by such wonders, the delicacy and brilliance of the Swarovski flower pendants is enchanting.

However, in order to preserve their perfectly sculpted shape and remarkable shine, crystals need to be manually cleaned on a regular basis, while also requiring careful handling to minimize the chances of damage.

In order to come to your aid, we have described a simple procedure to clean your crystal jewelry. Mix some mild soap and vinegar in a small quantity of water. After keeping the crystal immersed in this solution for a while (thus hopefully removing cloudy spots from the surface), use a soft toothbrush to gently brush off the accumulated dirt. Another option is to use a high quality commercial glass cleaner. Before using it to clean your crystals, make sure it does not contain ammonia. Irrespective to the substance you will use, clean the items at the end of the procedure by holding them under running water for a while.

Obviously, it is recommended to take care of your crystal jewelry as best as possible. Avoid any damage or scratch and do not let dirt accumulate on the crystal’s surface.

As final thoughts, we would like to reiterate the idea that crystal items are a “must-have” in every respectable jewel box. One of the simplest and easiest ways of adding a crystal to your collection is to buy a Swarovski flower pendant – small, affordable and delicate, its shining beauty will perfectly blend in with the rest of your jewels.

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