Swarovski Heart Pendant

You are probably familiar with the name Swarovski, a high end Austrian manufacturer of crystal beads. While worn by celebrities, Swarovski crystals are accessible to the general public also. For example, the Swarovski heart pendant on a matching chain would make a magical yet surprisingly affordable gift for that special lady’s birthday or perhaps Valentine’s Day. This pendant would be a great gift to a mom, a sister or a friend. In short, any woman on any occasion is likely to be thrilled when receiving such a beautiful and luxurious piece of jewelry.

The Swarovski company makes several heart pendants. There is something for every type of fashion sense represented in this dazzling collection. One Swarovski heart pendant is the Alana pendant. This pendant is plated in rhodium and comes on a chain. It features pink, light rose, clear and Moonlight crystals. It is the perfect item for the girl who embraces her femininity, most especially if her favorite color happens to be pink. This is only one Swarovski heart pendant created by this renowned company.

The Eros pendant is the recognizable uneven heart shape, and is adorned with ruby red colored Siam crystal in a pontiage setting. This pendant also comes on a chain, and while still extremely feminine has a bit more of an edge than the Alana pendant. It is of wearable size, would go with most any ensemble but the deep red color and slightly imperfect shape adds a tough modern look. One of the most iconic of all pendants is simply the Swarovski heart pendant.

The Heart pendant is presented on a rhodium plated chain. It is a stunning faceted crystal clear heart pendant made from a single crystal rather than encrusted with many small crystals like the pieces described above. A similar piece is the Bordeaux heart pendant, which looks very similar to the aforementioned heart pendant except for the rich red color. Also, the Bordeaux pendant is hung on a delicate gold plated chain.

Another eye-catching Swarovski heart pendant is the vintage look Mimosa pendant. This ruby colored Siam crystal heart is surrounded by bezel set black diamond crystals. The chain is plated with ruthenium. For a coordinated look there are other pieces in the collection that match this gorgeous crystal necklace. Now that we’ve talked about one of the vintage look pieces in the collection, let’s discuss one of the most modern — the Love Pendant.

The Love pendant is rhodium plated on a cable style chain. This heart features pave crystals and is open in the center. It is modern looking yet classic, and goes with anything from a casual outfit to a little black dress and beyond. A similar Swarovski heart pendant is the Blink pendant, modern in its design because it features a small rhodium plated heart adorned with clear crystals that actually dangles for a flirty, feminine look. The chain is held in place by a small matching clasp which causes the crystal heart to gently dangle, putting all focus on the glittering heart.

You can purchase a Swarovski heart pendant directly from their website, or check at specialty jewelry stores. There are online stores that carry this brand. Also, Ebay is a reasonable place to look as you may find dramatic bargains. Buying a piece of Swarovski jewelry used is perfectly acceptable as long as you are clear on it’s condition. This brand is of fine quality so the pieces are durable and retain their beauty. When you do buy on Ebay, deal only with reputable sellers and read the item description and all other details carefully.

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