Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is derived from the mineral silicate. Interestingly, raw, natural topaz is colorless and it is through various applications that colors are obtained. Blue topaz results when various procedures, such as irradiation, are applied to the colorless form. Other colors that may result, in addition to blue topaz, include yellow, orange, pink, gold, green, […]

Three Stone Blue Topaz Rings

Topaz is a beautiful blue stone that is very popular in designing a wide variety of jewelry pieces. A three stone blue topaz ring is a ring that contains three topaz stones, normally one larger stone surrounded by two smaller ones. These are very popular rings today and are relatively inexpensive. Most people choose the […]

Blue Topaz Heart Pendant

Topaz is the hardest formation of silicate material. A piece of pure topaz is absolutely colorless with slight changes providing the stones with their color. For topaz to become blue, heat is needed, whether from a natural source or manmade. The ability to produce a wide variety of colors by treatment with heat has resulted […]

Blue Topaz Rings

One of the exciting things about any gemstone is the folklore that is attached to it. While some stories have been passed down through the ages and are nothing more than a bit of historical trivia, some of those tales attribute special ‘powers’ to certain stones, and blue topaz is one gem that is currently […]