Body Jewelry

Navel Rings

For the better part of the past two decades navel rings have been gaining more and more prominence in the world of fashion jewelry. There are a number of styles that are currently trending and as more young people have their navels pierced the trend will continue to grow. Whether wearing costume navel rings or […]

Yellow Gold Ankle Bracelets

Anklets can be fashioned from any material or metal, but are most popular in yellow gold, and have only become popular in the Western World since the 20th century. Ankle bracelets, however, have been worn in other cultures around the world for thousands of years, and in some places they are even part of traditional […]

Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

The belly button piercing is becoming incredibly popular, especially amongst younger women. It has become a major fashion trend in the last five to ten years. You can find many actresses, models, athletes, and more with this type of body piercing. There are even some men that have a belly button piercing as well. There […]

Nose Rings

Nose jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry amongst women all over the globe. They are traditional in Oriental Asia, some parts of Africa and trendy in the western countries. Small as it is, it’s demand and utility beats even the most flagrant of jewelry. Nose jewelry is simply revered in South East Asia […]

Ankle Bracelets

An ankle bracelet, more commonly known as an anklet, is a type of jewelry that is worn around the ankle. This is mostly a piece of women’s jewelry, but hemp ankle bracelets are becoming common among men as well. Some women will wear ankle bracelets just for the fashion statement that it makes while other […]

Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Most often toe rings are worn in warm summer months when sandals are the footwear of choice, yet toe rings can be purchased year round as there are a number of locations where the temperature doesn’t usually get too cold for open toed shoes. In fact, the best buys may be available during winter months […]

Belly Button Rings

As recently as a decade ago no one would have thought that something as seemingly counter-culture as a belly ring could become so fashionable, even among everyday people. While they were once seen as something that was worn only by rebellious teenagers, now they are even trendy among people approaching middle age. (And well into […]

Lip Rings

Lip rings are rings used for facial piercings and are typically located on either the top or bottom lip. The most popular type of lip rings is the ring style although other styles are also available including studs. If you are planning to purchase a lip ring, particularly if you are getting your lip pierced […]

Nose Studs

If you are new to the world of piercing, all the different styles of nose jewelry can be quite confusing. There are different gauges that the studs, wires, bones or rings can be made with and then there is a difference in how they are each manufactured and worn. There is actually no ‘best’ type […]