Crystal Brooch

Over the years a crystal brooch has trended in and out of style. In fact, this is the year that we are seeing them more frequently both on celebrities as well as on the people around us. Most often the style is similar to the ‘flower power’ craze of the ‘60s and ‘70’s, but some […]

Rhinestone Brooches

One of the most fun and fabulous types of jewelry is the rhinestone brooch. You can find rhinestone brooches that are antique and some that are brand new. These brooches range in price from dirt cheap to expensive depending on how old they are, what metal they are set in, the designer and other factors. […]

Butterfly Brooch

There are several different ways that you can accessorize with a butterfly brooch. The most obvious way is to wear a butterfly brooch on your shirt. Because of its playful shape, wearing a butterfly brooch on your shirt is a great way to add a touch of playfulness. The next way that you can accessorize […]

Silver Brooch

If you have ever gone through your mother’s wardrobe from old days, chances are that you will find a brooch or two. Brooches used to be common wardrobe staples back in the earlier days. Although not seen very frequently these days, brooches are sort of covert accessories that can spark up any kind of outfit. […]

Brooches and Pins

Fashionable brooches and pins are one of our specialties, as you can see from browsing this website. So if you are searching for the right kind of jewelry whether it’s for you or for your loved one, we are here to help. Your budget is not a problem because there is a wide array of […]

Pearl Brooch

Brooches are back with a new line of fashion statement in the form of the outstanding pearl brooch. This is something women of any age will cherish and looking forward to use in a special occasion. If you want more information about pearl brooches, you’ve just found the right website, so keep reading! A brooch […]