Diamond Earrings

Asscher Cut Diamond Earrings

There are many different cuts available when it comes to diamonds. The cut is one of the all-important 4 C’s (clarity, color, carat and cut.) Examples of different diamond cuts include round, emerald, marquise, princess and Asscher. This cut is named after the Royal Asscher Diamond Company who created it. Created by Joseph Asscher, this […]

Diamond Bezel Earrings

A set of diamond bezel earrings consists of diamond earrings with a relatively basic design that features a metal rim with the diamond stone set inside of it. There are many sets of diamond earrings that feature the bezel design. The bezel design is definitely one of the most popular styles for earrings available. Diamond […]

Blue Diamond Earrings

There are so many lovely diamond earrings that it is often difficult to choose the perfect pair. However, if you are looking for a diamond that is unique, the perfect stone would be a breathtaking blue diamond. Only red is more rare, yet still not as lovely as a cool blue diamond. Of the world’s […]

Diamond Stud Earrings

The purchase of a pair of diamond stud earrings is one that you can never go wrong on. Whether it be for a gift or an investment in a jewelry collection, they make a wonderful addition to any woman’s jewelry retinue. Diamonds can be worn with almost any type of clothing. Diamond studs have become […]

Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

It doesn’t matter how fashion trends in jewelry go in and out of style, one type of earring that has never lost favor is hoop diamond earrings. Large, medium or small hoops, they are among the most popular earrings of all time. While there are simple silver, gold or platinum hoop earrings that can be […]

Diamond Earrings

When it comes to class and elegance, then nothing beats diamond earrings, their alluring simplicity and brilliant sparkle seen almost magical. Diamond earrings are one of the best pieces of jewelry that one can aspire to own. Besides, these are also very versatile. You can wear them anytime, anywhere. They will perfectly match any dress, […]