Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Bangles

The phrase “Diamonds are Forever” which was popularized by the seventh movie in the James Bond series describes this allotrope of carbon very accurately. The word “diamond” itself is derived from the ancient Greek word “adamas” which means “unbreakable”. A diamond is an allotrope of carbon. An allotrope being a different form of the same […]

Diamond Watch Bands

A watch, secured with a band inlaid with diamonds, is not the average workman’s adornment. It is the choice of an individual who has the confidence to wear it with aplomb. The diamond watch band distinguishes the wearer as a person who does not have to be in hurry to make his daily bread. There […]

Diamond Choker Necklaces

A diamond choker is basically a choker necklace that contains diamond stones. It is a stunning piece of jewelry that provides a luxurious yet sophisticated and classy appeal. It is a great choice of jewelry to wear for a special event or occasion as it will catch everyone’s attention.  The elegance of the design of […]

Diamond Wedding Bands

Choosing a diamond wedding band is one of the hardest and most important choices you will ever come across in your life. A diamond wedding band marks the love between two people, and will hopefully stay with the wearer for the rest of their life, signifying everlasting love. When the term “Diamond Wedding Band” is […]

Black Diamond Necklace

You hardly ever hear too many people talk about black diamonds, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, but there are plenty of them available. Most people prefer to wear a black diamond necklace. They are simply beautiful and a lot more noticeable on a necklace, but of course a black diamond necklace would […]

Diamond Earrings

When it comes to class and elegance, then nothing beats diamond earrings, their alluring simplicity and brilliant sparkle seen almost magical. Diamond earrings are one of the best pieces of jewelry that one can aspire to own. Besides, these are also very versatile. You can wear them anytime, anywhere. They will perfectly match any dress, […]

Diamond Watches

A diamond watch is a symbol of high class. It’s a fashion statement for some people; a beautifully crafted watch for others. Diamond watches come in a large range of styles and designs, and can range in price from a couple hundred of dollars, right up to a few thousand for the top end makes. […]

Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant

If you’re looking for a gorgeous and unique pendant for yourself or to give as a present to a special person, you’ve just found the perfect website. As you can see, this page is exclusively dedicated to the heart shaped diamond pendant, which in our opinion is one of the most elegant and romantic types […]

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

When choosing a diamond engagement ring, there are a variety of factors to consider. You may have heard about the four C’s — color, clarity, carat and cut. Each of these factors contribute to the unique beauty of each finished diamond. Here we will be discussing cut, emerald cut to be exact. This cut is […]