Diamond Rings

Butterfly Diamond Ring

One of the most popular ring styles is the butterfly diamond ring. As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, the butterfly is one of the most beloved creatures because of its delicate beauty. Many people collect butterfly themed items, therefore one of these rings would make a perfect gift. You […]

Trilliant Cut Diamond Rings

A trilliant cut diamond ring is a good idea for those who want something different with regards to jewelry. Finding a trilliant cut ring is slightly more difficult than locating other more common styles such as the round or princess cut. One of the reasons that so many people seek out these rings is because […]

Bezel Set Diamond Rings

Whether it’s a birthday present, an anniversary gift, a surprise in the middle of the week, or even an engagement ring, if you give the special lady in your life a bezel set diamond ring, you can count on the fact that she is going to absolutely love it. Women love receiving special presents, and […]

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

When Jeniffer Lopez received a 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck in 2002, this particular type of hued allotrope of carbon became premium property. Said exquisite jewelry was bought from Harry Winston for $1.2 million. Harry Winston being the famous American jeweler who owned the 45.52-carat deep-blue Hope Diamond for a decade before […]

Diamond Bow Rings

If you are looking for a new piece of jewelry that is fun and different from the pieces you already own, you should look at diamond bow rings online. As the name implies, a diamond bow ring is a ring with a bow design on top, and is accented by diamonds. What Kind of Diamond […]

2 Carat 3 Stone Diamond Ring

A 3 stone diamond ring is a beautiful gift that can be given for a variety of occasions. You can give your significant other a 3 stone diamond ring to celebrate a three year anniversary. You can give one to your wife to celebrate the birth of your first child together, which starts your family […]

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversaries are observed to celebrate the commitment a couple has made to each other. Diamonds are traditionally given on either the 60th or 75th anniversary. Once a couple has reached the diamond anniversary; gold, china, pearls, and silver have all been given. What is left is one of the most valuable materials on the planet, […]

Diamond Eternity Bands

The diamond eternity band was originally designed as a token which to symbolize everlasting love. These rings are designed with an unbroken band of diamonds that have no beginning or end. There are two types of diamond eternity bands. The full diamond eternity band and the half band. When considering what type of diamond eternity […]

Diamond Wedding Rings

In terms of modern jewelry, diamond rings have a unique charm of their own. Diamonds are regarded as girl’s best friends and they are commonly used in wedding ceremonies. Diamond rings are considered a perfect alternative to the traditional gold band. Unlike earlier days when the use of diamond was restricted to only women, nowadays […]

Three Stone Diamond Rings

The three stone diamond ring has in the past become the best example of honoring and remembering a couple’s dedication to each other and their eternal love. It is the spirit of marriage and real love because each gem stone has a deep value and significance. If you have not heard or read the historical […]

Antique Diamond Rings

Diamond rings can be found in women’s jewelry collections in history going back hundreds of years. There is a very good reason that we frequently hear the slogans “diamonds are forever” and “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. These rings have survived popularity over the ages. Many people today feel that the antique diamond rings […]

Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamonds are a very rare and very beautiful gem. They are typically the most searched for of all fine gemstones and are the rarest of all gemstones as well. True pink diamonds are also among the most expensive of all fine gemstones. Because they are so rare, they are very expensive. In fact, pink […]

Ruby Diamond Rings

It is important to look for something unique and intriguing when shopping for a diamond ring. There are too many bland and repetitive designs of diamond rings out there. It can be difficult to find something truly appealing. An attractive choice would be to invest in a diamond ring with other gemstones in it as […]

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

When choosing a diamond engagement ring, there are a variety of factors to consider. You may have heard about the four C’s — color, clarity, carat and cut. Each of these factors contribute to the unique beauty of each finished diamond. Here we will be discussing cut, emerald cut to be exact. This cut is […]