Fashion Jewelry

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy Jewelry is a kind of fashionable jewelry that has a small pad in them so that different types of scents and aroma’s can be placed inside. Not only are the scents enjoyed while you are wearing these pieces, but you will be able to enjoy more than just the fragrance, you’ll bring more peace […]

Starfish Pendant Necklace

A starfish pendant necklace is so much more than just a pretty trinket to wear around your neck. Starfish have symbolism in a variety of cultures. For example, in some Christian faith traditions the starfish is connected to the Virgin Mary because Stella Maris translates to Star of the Sea. It is thought to bring […]

Anne Klein Earrings

Anne Klein, a New Yorker, is synonymous with sophistication and style. She enjoyed designing from an early age and eventually started in her own business in 1968 which has grown from strength to strength despite her unfortunate passing on in 1974. Initially known for clothes and outer apparel, the Anne Klein design range has extended […]

Murano Glass Necklaces

Murano glass is a unique type of treated glass that originates from the Isle of Murano (Italy). It is a style of treated glass that has been in production for nearly 800 years. Glassmakers in the Isle of Murano area have become well known for their signature Murano glass creations. There are now many pieces […]

Cameo Necklace

What is the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the word ‘cameo’? More than often, it is the image of a well-known celebrity making a special guest appearance in a film or a television series. The accurate term would be cameo appearance, as was performed by the venerable actor/producer Bruce Willis in […]

Snake Necklace

Throughout time many women (and men!) have been fond of wearing a snake necklace, the most notable being of course, Cleopatra. But there are plenty of contemporary celebs that can be seen sporting a fashionable snake necklace including Madonna, Rhianna, Brittney Spears, Kate Walsh, Paris Hilton and even Hillary Duff. Once you know what you […]

Murano Glass Jewelry

Named for a Venetian island of the same name, Murano Art Glass is known around the world for its breathtaking beauty and unique craftsmanship. As early as the 10th century, the island was renowned for its glass. These days, the island is the exclusive production location of this brand of art glass. While there are […]

Hair Jewelry

Jewelry and beautiful ornaments are most typically worn on the body, although there are also various forms of hair jewelry. It does not specifically matter what type of hair or haircut you have, whether it be long, short, medium, thin, thick or curly, you will find that there are some wonderful items of hair jewelry […]

Bangle Bracelets

When it comes to popular fashion accessories, bangle bracelets are at the top of the list. From singers Rihanna and Ke$ha to Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew, famous fashionable ladies love rocking unique bangle bracelets. What has made bangle bracelets such a popular fashion trend? Fashion is all about being unique, and bangle bracelets make it […]

Elephant Necklace

Every now and again a certain fashion becomes trendy. However, any piece of jewelry fashioned with an elephant is always going to be in style because it carries a significant amount of meaning to many cultures around the world. Because of this, the elephant has become a symbol of ‘good luck’ and ‘favor.’ Even peoples […]

Fashion Necklaces

So called “fashion jewelry” is an excellent way to build up a collection of different colors and styles of differing jewelry without breaking the bank. Fashion necklaces are usually made up of inexpensive materials, and are an excellent contrast to higher priced silver, gold, and precious stone and gem pieces. Whereas traditional jewelry might be […]