Fashion Rings

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are a particular type of jewelry that is designed to be worn when attending cocktail parties. It was especially common for individuals to wear cocktail rings during the prohibition period in the United States when attending illegal cocktail parties. The ring was often used to show off the fact that the wearer was […]

Vintage Style Rings

Vintage is one of the hottest trends in fashion. From clothing to jewelry, vintage is all the rage. And when it comes to rings, the popularity of vintage is no exception. If you want to show off your great taste, you can do so by wearing a vintage style ring. Celebrity Vintage Style Rings To […]

Stainless Steel Rings

The cost of jewelry is continuously on the increase and even the most delicate materials used for rings can cost a fortune. While some of these metals can look great for rings, they are not really priced by the visual appeal of them. Instead, most jewelry is priced based on the rarity and expensiveness of […]

Vintage Costume Rings

For collectors, there is nothing quite as fascinating as vintage costume rings. While not expensive, for the most part, there is a large assortment available from bold and gaudy, to delicate and feminine and pieces to be found from literally any period imaginable. Of course, it goes without saying that the older and rarer, the […]