Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone Journey Pendants

Gemstone journey pendants are made to celebrate a journey of sorts in a person’s life. This journey can be of many different types. It is a way to celebrate a milestone or any other special time in that person’s life. These pieces of jewelry are wonderful ways to commiserate that special day with someone and […]

Ruby Pendants

Rubies are pink to red precious gemstones, a variety of a mineral called corundum, or aluminum oxide. Corundum can be found in a wide range of colors – if it is red, the stone is a ruby, if it is blue or pink, then it is a sapphire. However, there is a slight confusion whether […]

Pink Tourmaline Pendant

If you are shopping for a pink tourmaline pendant, it can be very difficult to choose only one for yourself or a loved one. This is because you’ll find yourself wanting them all. Pink tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that ranges in colors from ruby reds, rose pinks, pale pinks, shocking pink and magenta. Some […]

Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite consists of calcium aluminum silicate. Because of its beautiful blue appearance, it can give any piece of jewelry a very unique appearance. In contrast to most of the gemstones that people have worn for centuries, tanzanite is actually a new discovery. Tanzanite was not introduced to the world until its 1967 discovery in Tanzania. […]

Garnet Pendant

Due to garnet’s deep red color, similar to that of a red ruby, it is very commonly found in a selection of two and three dimensional pendants. But garnet is not only found in a deep red color. Other, more rare colors exist, and are frequently found on high end jewelry. These include andradite, spessartine, […]

Amethyst Pendants

The use of different kinds of stones as a means of jewelry has been popular since time immemorial. There are wide varieties of stones available that can be used to manufacture the most exquisite and tasteful jewelry items. Among them, the amethyst is a prime example. Being a member of the quartz family, this is […]

Turquoise Pendants

Turquoise is a rare and valuable gem, but provided you know where to look, it’s possible to find pendants embedded with this precious stone at relatively low prices. There are pendants available in all shapes and sizes, aimed at all types of people. Since this is such a universally appealing color, it looks good on […]

Green Tourmaline Pendant

Tourmaline is a semi precious stone that comes in a variety of species and colors. It is a crystal silicate material that can be compounded with elements such as; potassium, lithium, iron, aluminum, sodium, and magnesium. These different minerals result in a vast array of shades and values among the different types of tourmaline. The […]