Gold Jewelry

14k Gold Jewelry

Gold is a unique material. It has many uses and is one of the only materials that are guaranteed to grow in value over time. The price of gold increases as the value of other currency declines. Gold is non toxic, is easily shaped, and is extremely durable. It has always been associated with power, […]

Antique Gold Locket

It is believed that every antique has a story to tell. Antique gold lockets are a piece of jewelry that may serve many functions. Some were designed to be romantic, holding love letters or portraits of a loved one. Others were designed as religious objects, shaped like the Bible, or holding important scripture. Whether the […]

Gold Heart Locket

For so many years women have been wearing lockets around their necks to keep tiny photos and other memories close to their hearts. There are so many styles of heart lockets that there is one for literally any woman no matter how ornate or how simple she would like a gold heart locket to be. […]

Ladies Gold Watches

There are many options today when it comes to purchasing a ladies gold watch. While they were traditionally much smaller then men’s watches, this is simply not the case with today’s designs. Ladies gold watches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. When choosing the best ladies gold watch, it typically comes […]

Red Gold Jewelry

Red gold (otherwise known as Russian gold), is a type of colored gold, created from combining gold and copper, to form into a special and rare product. Usually used in specialist jewelry making, red gold holds a very significant era about it, and is often connected with wealth and status. Red gold is usually made […]

Gold Chains

If you’re looking for information about gold chains, you might be surprised to get more than you were looking for. You see, in this day and age many people actually shop their jewelry online; two main reasons: there is much higher diversity available, and prices can be much lower –  provided you know where to […]

Gold Serpentine Necklace

A gold serpentine necklace is basically a piece of jewelry that consists of a gold necklace with serpentine stones in it. It is common for this type of necklace to consist of a gold necklace with a serpentine pendant. The main focus on this type of jewelry is to the serpentine stone, which is a […]

Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands

Anyone preparing to tie the knot has a wide range of important decisions to make. In addition to setting the wedding date, choosing the venue, planning the ceremony and reception, sending the invitations and so much more there is the issue of wedding rings. While the engagement ring is usually presented to the bride-to-be at […]

Gold Engraved Cufflinks

Even though the times have changed, men still require formal wear and business attire from time to time, so giving the gift of gold engraved cufflinks would be the perfect idea for the man who seems to have everything. Sometimes it is just so hard to shop when you know he has all the men’s […]

Gold Rosary Bracelets

The rosary refers to both a style of jewelry and a prayer that is recited in the Catholic religious tradition. While many rosaries are in the style of a necklace, you can also find bracelets. When shopping for one, consider browsing gold rosary bracelets. Gold is the most traditional material, and it is beautiful and […]

14K Yellow Gold Chains

Gold has been continuously increasing in value over the last handful of decades. This is a major reason for the euro currency having such a high conversion over the American dollar. Many individuals have invested in gold as a result of the increased value of it. Additionally, due to the tremendous increase in the cost […]