Gold Rings

Men’s Gold Rings

A man wearing a gold ring can almost appear elegant, whilst enhancing the gentleman’s overall appearance. Men’s gold rings are known to symbolize wealth, and are the ultimate jewelry accessory. Where you may believe that men wearing rings is a fairly new thing, it has in fact been around for many centuries. Rings have often […]

Gold Snake Ring

Gold snake rings and other pieces of jewelry exploded in popularity in just a few months as they appeared on a number of A-list celebrities. Jessica Alba, Brittney Spears, and Angelina Jolie have all been spotted sporting gold snake rings, and in the time since then, jewelers have rushed to put out more and more […]

18 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

Gold is one of the most majestic, traditional and classic precious metals of all time. Although precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are gradually strengthening their own place in the jewelry market, gold has never lost its regal aura as the finest precious metal in the world. Gold is still quite in vogue, both […]

10K Yellow Gold Rings

Gold is a very popular metal for many jewelry pieces from necklaces to rings. A 10K yellow gold ring is a very popular choice for many people. Because gold is very stable and tends not to fade or rust, many people prefer it to other metals. It is also much softer and more durable than […]

14K Yellow Gold Dome Ring

Because of its versatility, the 14k yellow gold dome ring is one of the most popular rings. Commonly used for wedding bands, the dome ring is characterized by a rounded dome-like band/cylinder. Often dome rings are crafted with a large dome for the head, which may or may not be a setting for stones. Following […]