Jewelry Pins

Diamond Pins

Lapel pins, brooches and dress pins are a funny thing. They are small in stature but can convey so very much; particularly when worn with a minimum of other decorative jewelry. A simple diamond on the lapel of a black jacket immediately draws your attention. If upon approaching the person wearing it, your eyes are […]

Pearl Hair Pins

When you think of pearl hair pins, somehow brides and flower girls always come to mind. However, they are also lovely during the holidays when hair is worn in updos to all those cocktail parties, Christmas events and of course New Year’s Eve celebrations. Some pearl hair pins are quite exquisite and others are more […]

Vintage Pins

How many girls have gone through their mothers and grandmothers wardrobe and found vintage trinkets, brooches and pins and fell in love with them? I’d say a lot of them had the same experience. Vintage never goes out of fashion. This is true for both vintage clothing and accessories. Wearing vintage is a great way […]

Brooches and Pins

Fashionable brooches and pins are one of our specialties, as you can see from browsing this website. So if you are searching for the right kind of jewelry whether it’s for you or for your loved one, we are here to help. Your budget is not a problem because there is a wide array of […]