Locket Jewelry

Gold Locket Necklace

Gold locket necklaces are as beautiful as they are nostalgic. Locket necklaces date back in time for centuries and these are the necklaces that open up to reveal two halves. The two halves are called wings and they are connected with a hinge. When locket necklaces were first designed they were used for a variety […]

Vintage Lockets

Lockets can hold our most precious memories of a husband, lover, child or close friend. They represent a secret place where women can keep what they hold most dear next to their hearts. Giving a locket as a gift may be one of the most cherished gift you can give. Lockets may be old fashioned […]

Silver Heart Lockets

Chances are you have probably seen a lot of women wearing silver heart lockets; they make for a sweet gift on Valentine‚Äôs Day and birthdays if you are having trouble with thinking of something to get the person you are in a relationship with. When you are going about looking for one of these lockets […]

Gemstone Lockets

Gemstone lockets come with various designs along with various types of exquisite gemstones. Lockets are, in most cases, a personal kind of jewelry. Lockets can be treasured family gifts from mother to daughter, from grandfather to grandson, from elder brother to his sister, from husband to wife, and so on. They are pendants which have […]

Sterling Silver Locket

When people talk about silver objects, they think they are talking about pure silver. However, what many people do not know is that it cannot be possible. Of course, pure silver does exist. But pure silver is too soft to be functionally used in its natural form; it always has to exist in an alloy […]

Antique Gold Locket

It is believed that every antique has a story to tell. Antique gold lockets are a piece of jewelry that may serve many functions. Some were designed to be romantic, holding love letters or portraits of a loved one. Others were designed as religious objects, shaped like the Bible, or holding important scripture. Whether the […]

Gold Heart Locket

For so many years women have been wearing lockets around their necks to keep tiny photos and other memories close to their hearts. There are so many styles of heart lockets that there is one for literally any woman no matter how ornate or how simple she would like a gold heart locket to be. […]