Men’s Jewelry

Men’s Gold Rings

A man wearing a gold ring can almost appear elegant, whilst enhancing the gentleman’s overall appearance. Men’s gold rings are known to symbolize wealth, and are the ultimate jewelry accessory. Where you may believe that men wearing rings is a fairly new thing, it has in fact been around for many centuries. Rings have often […]

Men’s Engagement Rings

Time was when it was only the female half of the pact that wore an engagement ring. It is a way to tell would-be wooers that she had already been bespoken for. It is like saying “ You can look but you cannot touch”. Now it is becoming increasingly common to have the male half […]

Men’s Peridot Rings

As the official birthstone for the month of October as established by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912, there are a number of attractive men’s peridot rings. Often mistaken for an emerald, the peridot leans toward the yellow end of the green spectrum whereas emerald tends to have more blue. For men who […]

Boy’s Diamond Cross Pendant

There are times in a boy’s life when a boy’s diamond cross pendant is the ideal gift. Many parents and grandparents buy them for the birth of a baby, baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation and other special days like birthdays and Christmas or Easter. However, there are also ‘boy’s diamond cross pendants’ that are labeled as […]

Men’s Wedding Rings

There are so many choices and options when it comes to buying men’s wedding rings. Back in the day, men’s wedding rings used to be just plain and simple and jewelers tended to focus more on the details of women’s wedding rings, but not anymore. Now when a bride to be goes out to shop […]

Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands

Anyone preparing to tie the knot has a wide range of important decisions to make. In addition to setting the wedding date, choosing the venue, planning the ceremony and reception, sending the invitations and so much more there is the issue of wedding rings. While the engagement ring is usually presented to the bride-to-be at […]

Men’s Hoop Earrings

There was a time when it was totally taboo for a man to wear an earring anywhere, let alone out in public. And, forget about what would have happened if that guy had shown up at the office with a pierce in his ear, no matter how tiny or unobtrusive! Those days have come and […]