Pearl Earrings

Pearl Threader Earrings

You will typically find the traditional earrings have both a post and backing. The backing device is used to lock the earring in place. However, an extremely popular style of earring is the threader variety which is backed by a light and flexible chain. This allows threader earrings to be threaded through your ear piercing […]

Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl jewelry is highly desired for the beautiful and elegant appeal that it offers. Pearl necklaces and earrings are the two most popular types of pearl jewelry. Pearl drop earrings can be seen being worn by celebrities, royal family members, and other people as well. Pearl drop earrings are often desired because of their classy, […]

Green Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewelry is very popular as it provides a classic and luxurious appeal without going over the top. There are many pieces of pearl jewelry available for purchase. Two of the most common pieces would be pearl necklaces and pearl earrings. The latter is very popular because it can add a lot to the fashionable […]