Pearl Necklaces

Pearl Drop Pendant

The pearl is known to be a symbol of purity, and when worn in the form of a drop pendant and necklace is known to give the impression of beauty and glamour. A pearl drop pendant will typically be attached to a necklace where the Pearl is in the centre of the necklace and then […]

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are harvested from mollusks such as an oyster. Some of the most rare and expensive pearls are those that are harvested from the sea. There are both natural and cultured pearls. Natural pearls or wild pearls are made without any help from man. They are created when calcium deposits develop within the mollusk and […]

Double Strand Pearl Necklaces

Although there is nothing quite as elegant as a double strand pearl necklace, there is also something even more alluring than the pearls themselves. There isn’t another gem in history that has taken on as much symbolism across so very many cultures as the pearl and in every legend surrounding the pearl it is seen […]

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces have got a unique flair, almost like a magic quality to them. These radiate a remarkable charm when they are worn by the right person. Broadly speaking there are six different types of pearl necklaces and these include- rope, cellar, opera, princess, matinee and choker. Each type of necklace is more appropriate to […]

Pearl Choker Necklace

Pearls are a timeless jewelry choice no matter if you are wearing a fine ball gown or jeans and a casual top. They literally go beautifully with any outfit, especially if you choose pearls that coordinate well with what you are wearing. For example, large diameter pearls with diamond adornments might be too fancy for […]