Serpentine Bracelet

When you go shopping for a serpentine bracelet there are actually two very different types of jewelry you could be referring to. Serpentine jewelry is both a style of chain as well as a semiprecious stone. Of course a serpentine bracelet could have both a serpentine stone as well as that style of link chain, […]

Twisted Serpentine Chain

As a variation of a serpentine chain, a twisted serpentine chain is a series of s-links that have been set closely together and then joined by two links set just below them. The twisted variation adds style and definition to an otherwise ordinary chain. Most often you will see twisted serpentine chains as a necklace […]

Gold Serpentine Necklace

A gold serpentine necklace is basically a piece of jewelry that consists of a gold necklace with serpentine stones in it. It is common for this type of necklace to consist of a gold necklace with a serpentine pendant. The main focus on this type of jewelry is to the serpentine stone, which is a […]