Snake Jewelry

Snake Necklace

Throughout time many women (and men!) have been fond of wearing a snake necklace, the most notable being of course, Cleopatra. But there are plenty of contemporary celebs that can be seen sporting a fashionable snake necklace including Madonna, Rhianna, Brittney Spears, Kate Walsh, Paris Hilton and even Hillary Duff. Once you know what you […]

Gold Snake Ring

Gold snake rings and other pieces of jewelry exploded in popularity in just a few months as they appeared on a number of A-list celebrities. Jessica Alba, Brittney Spears, and Angelina Jolie have all been spotted sporting gold snake rings, and in the time since then, jewelers have rushed to put out more and more […]

White Gold Snake Chain

Just as the name would imply, a snake chain is a series of links laid side by side that form a bendable tube, the finished product resembling a snake. Unlike traditional chains that join the links one to the other, a snake chain is more like a series of cups that form the pliable tube. […]

Silver Snake Chain

You have probably seen a silver snake chain, but perhaps weren’t aware of what it was called. This is a very popular chain with a few variations, and it can be worn equally well by men or women. While some chains are just too ornamental or feminine to be worn by guys, a silver stake […]

Snake Pendant Necklace

There are many beautiful ways to wear a snake pendant. Pendants are adornments that are slid onto chains and come in many different designs. Snake pendants can be platinum, gold, silver, adorned with gemstones and configured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While both men and women can wear this type of necklace, […]