Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chains are made from a white-grey colored metal which happens to be less expensive than gold, platinum and titanium. Silver is a softer metal than gold, titanium and platinum and doesn’t have hardness that the other metals have. Silver is often a popular metal choice for chains, necklaces and other jewelry pieces. However, […]

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets are very popular with both young and old alike. They are widely available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Since they are made of silver as opposed to gold, they are much more affordable which makes them easier to obtain for many people. Due to this, we see lots of […]

Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelets

Folklore has it that a silver bullet shot through the heart is a very definite way of stopping a rampaging vampire. It would not be easy, though, to verify the effectiveness of this idea, considering that there is a general shortage of rampaging vampires. However, a sterling silver heart charm bracelet can be proven to […]

Sterling Silver Wheat Chain

The links of a sterling silver wheat chain are attached and appear like wheat grains. Wheat chains are normally made up of a number of stands of oval and twisted oval links. All these strands are braided and woven together with each other to make a stunning chain of superb visual texture. A sterling silver […]

Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Getting married is the most important decision you will ever make. When you marry someone, you are bonding yourself to that person for the rest of your life. While it’s a serious commitment that comes with a lot of responsibility, marriage is also a wonderful blessing. Once you’re married, no matter how hard life may […]

Sterling Silver Rolo Chain

When you are looking for a chain, perhaps for a necklace or bracelet, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming at times. All those names can be a bit daunting unless you are a jeweler or in the business in some way. For example, there is the Singapore, herringbone, rope, […]

Sterling Silver Locket

When people talk about silver objects, they think they are talking about pure silver. However, what many people do not know is that it cannot be possible. Of course, pure silver does exist. But pure silver is too soft to be functionally used in its natural form; it always has to exist in an alloy […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is the answer to your most demanding jewelry needs. They offer a variety of designs which are made for both men and women. They are perfectly made to suit the taste and preference of jewelry lovers. The good news is that this jewelry comes in affordable prices. It is also uniquely designed […]

Sterling Silver Beads

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years, and has allowed people across the world to express their fashion and style. A sterling silver bead necklace or brooch I a great piece of jewelry that will allow you to show of your fashion sense, and provide as a really pretty piece of jewelry. Sterling Silver […]

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Certain items of jewelry have always been known to make a very distinct statement, although trends will typically change from time to time. Often you may purchase a certain item of jewelry because it happens to be the “in thing” or “in fashion”, but this will generally be discarded to the back of the drawer […]

Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain

Sterling silver is a high purity form of silver. While the purest form of silver contains 99.9% silver, sterling silver contains 92.5% silver. Pure silver cannot be used for jewelry purposes because it is too soft to harden and keep that texture. This is the reason for sterling silver being the common type of silver […]

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

There are almost as many sterling silver heart necklaces as there are ways to say “I love you.” From simple pendants to lockets, there is truly an assortment of lovely pieces that can be worn for casual or dress with equal effect. They are a perfect gift for any occasion and although sterling is reasonably […]