Vintage Jewelry

Claddagh Jewelry

While every gemstone and precious metal has folklore or mystical meanings beyond what can be seen by the eye, there are layers upon layers of lore in Claddagh jewelry. To anyone but an Irishman, Claddagh may not mean much. In fact, the average person may not even know that this tradition in jewelry is hundreds […]

Vintage Style Rings

Vintage is one of the hottest trends in fashion. From clothing to jewelry, vintage is all the rage. And when it comes to rings, the popularity of vintage is no exception. If you want to show off your great taste, you can do so by wearing a vintage style ring. Celebrity Vintage Style Rings To […]

Bakelite Jewelry

In its hay day, Bakelite jewelry wasn’t exactly what you would call designer jewelry, but it has its place in history, and a very important place at that! Today it is considered to be a highly prized collectable item because it is prominent historically for two very different reasons. Although it was only fashioned during […]

Vintage Pins

How many girls have gone through their mothers and grandmothers wardrobe and found vintage trinkets, brooches and pins and fell in love with them? I’d say a lot of them had the same experience. Vintage never goes out of fashion. This is true for both vintage clothing and accessories. Wearing vintage is a great way […]

Vintage Charms

Charm bracelets have been worn for centuries. Each bracelet is unique, and allows the wearer to collect trinkets that represent their lives. Throughout the years, many celebrities have worn charm bracelets. The list includes style icons like: Jackie Kennedy, Lucille Ball, and Liz Taylor. Many bracelets are started when a girl is young by her […]

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry can be used to describe jewelry from across many time periods and ages, so defining it can often be tricky. Vintage costume jewelry is often worn by people who prefer to keep up with the tradition of finely crafted and retro jewelry, and who also like to look the part. Vintage costume […]

Vintage Cufflinks

Vintage cufflinks can often provide that special shirt with a touch of class, and they are considered a great choice for any man. The actual term “vintage” will typically apply to specific items of jewelry that have been created in a design or style of a previous era. This does not, obviously, mean that they […]

Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage engagement ring is a great choice when shopping for the right engagement ring to make your proposal with. Vintage rings are very unique and are different from the repetitive styles of most engagement rings that are made today. They provide a beautiful, classy, and elegant appeal. No matter what stones and settings are […]

Vintage Costume Rings

For collectors, there is nothing quite as fascinating as vintage costume rings. While not expensive, for the most part, there is a large assortment available from bold and gaudy, to delicate and feminine and pieces to be found from literally any period imaginable. Of course, it goes without saying that the older and rarer, the […]

Art Deco Jewelry

Art deco jewelry initially made it into the spotlight during the 1920’s. It was a type of jewelry style that was made up of gold, steel, pearl, rubies, and so on. The jewels would be created in geometric shapes (squares, triangles, circles, etc). Art deco was built with four different sub-categories of styles, which were […]