Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite consists of calcium aluminum silicate. Because of its beautiful blue appearance, it can give any piece of jewelry a very unique appearance. In contrast to most of the gemstones that people have worn for centuries, tanzanite is actually a new discovery. Tanzanite was not introduced to the world until its 1967 discovery in Tanzania. A year later, Tiffany & Co sold the first pieces of tanzanite jewelry, including earrings and necklaces.

Several decades later, tanzanite was designated as December’s official birthstone. For anyone born in the month of December, this is a great reason to wear a beautiful piece of tanzanite jewelry. Since tanzanite is still only found in Tanzania’s Merelani Hills, this stone has remained quite rare and popular since its discovery.

Because of how beautiful it is, tanzanite can be found in almost any kind of jewelry. However, of all the types of tanzanite jewelry that are available, the type of tanzanite jewelry that stands out the most is tanzanite pendants. When worn on a beautiful necklace, a tanzanite pendant will make any woman’s outfit look absolutely dazzling.

What Kind of Tanzanite Pendants are Available?
Although tanzanite is a rare stone, there are still plenty of different styles of pendants available. Some of the most popular styles of tanzanite pendants are:

  • Curls and Swirls – Tanzanite pendants with curls and swirls are a truly unique option. Not only will the tanzanite itself stand out, but the flowing design of the pendant will be noticed by everyone who sees it.
  • Basic but Not Boring – When you have a gemstone as brilliant as tanzanite, the pendant it is set in does not have to be elaborate to be attractive. A piece of tanzanite will still look amazing in a basic pendant setting.
  • Eternal Elegance – A tanzanite pendant that is eternally elegant will look great with any outfit. Although this type of pendant is understated, it is still very lovely.
  • Modern – For anyone who has a very modern taste, there’s no better way to accent a modern wardrobe than with a modern tanzanite pendant.
  • Heart Shape – A heart shaped tanzanite pendant is the perfect way to express love, regardless of whether it’s a romantic or family love.
  • Butterfly – A butterfly tanzanite pendant is a great way to express a love of nature in a beautiful manner.
  • Three Stone – Because they can symbolize the past and present, as well as the future, three stone tanzanite pendants make an ideal anniversary present.
  • Cross – A cross shaped tanzanite pendant is a great way to show off a strong religious belief.

How Much Do Tanzanite Pendants Cost?
As a result of the wide range of options that are available, a tanzanite pendant can fall into several price ranges:

Under $250:
For under $250, it’s not difficult to find a tanzanite pendant that is set in 10k white gold and attached to a necklace of the same level of quality. One popular option in this price range is pendants that combine the rich blue of tanzanite with the pristine purple of amethyst.

In this price range, it’s possible to find pendants that feature over one carat in total weight of tanzanite.

Between $500 and $1,000, there are many tanzanite pendants that are accented by diamonds. This addition of diamonds is a great choice because it brings out the rich blue of the tanzanite.

Over $1,000
In addition to vintage options, the majority of tanzanite pendants that cost over one thousand dollars will be set in high quality white gold and feature a significant total carat weight of diamond accents.

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