Three Stone Blue Topaz Rings

Topaz is a beautiful blue stone that is very popular in designing a wide variety of jewelry pieces. A three stone blue topaz ring is a ring that contains three topaz stones, normally one larger stone surrounded by two smaller ones. These are very popular rings today and are relatively inexpensive. Most people choose the topaz as the preferred stone for their rings because of the lower cost when compared to diamonds and other precious gemstones as well as the color of the topaz.

If you are planning to purchase a three stone blue topaz ring you will need to determine the style or design of ring that you want. Your first decision will be the actual stones themselves. Many people choose three topaz stones in order to have more of the beautiful blue coloring. Others choose one larger topaz surrounded by two smaller diamonds. You should keep in mind that many gemstones that are used in creating blue topaz rings are artificially enhanced in order to achieve different colors. The process includes irradiating a clear topaz in order to release the vibrant colors that are located in the center of the gem. The length of the process will depend on just how deeply you want the blue color to intensify. Heat treatments are also often used in order to stabilize the color and keep it from changing over time.

When you choose your topaz ring you will need to determine the cut of stone that you want. There are many choices available regarding cut including the square, round, marquis, teardrop and many other cuts. A topaz, when cut properly, will have about the same brilliance as a diamond. They should have no inclusions and should be virtually iridescent when held to the light. Keep in mind that the size of the stone as well as the total karat weight, clarity and cut will have a direct bearing on the overall cost of your three stone blue topaz ring. If you choose gold over sterling silver your cost may also increase just a bit. Choose your metal based on your preference. Topaz can be set in any fine metal and looks just as good next to silver as it does next to gold so keep this in mind when choosing your setting. Be sure that you are getting a true topaz in your ring. There are many manufactured stones such as cubic zirconia that can be colored to highly resemble a topaz. To the untrained eye these may look just like the real thing but they are much less valuable. If you want a truly valuable ring then a true topaz is the only way to go. The same rings true of diamonds if you plan to implement them into the design. Make sure that you are getting real diamonds, particularly if you are paying for real gemstones.

A blue topaz ring will make the perfect gift for someone who was born in December as this is the birthstone for that month. They also make wonderful wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day and other special occasion gifts. The blue topaz is a very unique stone and offers a very customized look in any ring setting. Three stone blue topaz rings are very unique looking in their own rights and can be customized to suit your personal tastes and preferences. You should keep in mind that there are many different hues or shades of blue when it comes to topaz gemstones. When choosing your ring you should note the different hues and choose the shade that best represents the color that you want.

Blue topaz stones typically come in three distinct shades. The first is the classic blue and this color resembles the ocean or a cloudless sky. The second color hue is royal blue. This is a very bold color and looks very elegant when set in yellow gold and surrounded by diamonds. The color is very dark and is wonderful for those more formal occasions. Finally, teal is a hue of blue topaz and is a very popular coloring. This color features gentle hints of green and is quite brilliant in the light. Those who are nature lovers or who prefer green would best be suited to the teal topaz. When you shop for your three stone blue topaz ring keep in mind your own unique personality and choose a design and color hue that best matches your own unique tastes.

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