Tiffany Cufflinks

One of the most popular jewelry and gift companies is Tiffany and Co. Founded by Teddy Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837, this New York company first billed itself as a fine gift and stationery company. Today it is still an extremely popular provider of fine gifts and especially jewelry. The company has its own trademarked color, Tiffany Blue, which is immediately recognizable and is the color of the Tiffany shopping bag and tissue paper. The company offers all kinds of jewelry and accessories such as Tiffany cufflinks for men and women.

Cufflinks are fasteners used to hold together the two ends of a sleeve cuff. They are much more popular for men than women, but these days even ladies are wearing cufflinks as a fashion accessory. Tiffany cufflinks come in so many different styles you are sure to find the perfect pair for yourself or as a gift. There are plenty of advantages to a pair of cufflinks. They fit in a small jewelry box, are often quite affordable depending on the materials used to make them and are classic enough for anyone to wear with a dress shirt or blouse.

In many cases, Tiffany cufflinks can be an expression of one’s individuality. There are cufflinks in different shapes that represent different hobbies, symbols, professions and more. For example, there are $200 sterling silver airplane cufflinks ideal for the professional or hobbyist pilot. For the flower child at heart there are sterling silver peace sign cufflinks, also priced at $200. The stock market whiz would love a pair of the Bull and Bear sterling silver Tiffany cufflinks, which represent bull and bear markets and cost $250. There are also plenty of generic designs like the column design and atlas design. Tiffany and Co. logo cufflinks are also available.

Tiffany and Co. logo cufflinks are ideal for the person who likes wearing designer brands. There are a few different styles of logo cufflinks from which you can choose. One is the horseshoe cuff, which features the T & C logo engraved on sterling silver horseshoes. Another is Tiffany Notes, which look like handwritten notes and read Tiffany & Co New York in a cursive script. These cufflinks are priced at only $150 and made from sterling silver. A pair of Tiffany cufflinks that are twice that price are the 1837 cufflinks which feature the logo, the founding year and the number 925 at the top.

While most of the cufflinks offered from Tiffany and Co. are sterling silver, others are made from different materials. One example are the Atlas cufflinks made from 18k gold. These cufflinks are priced at $1950 and feature Roman numerals in a cutout border surrounding a bezel type set gold circle. Designer Elsa Peretti has teamed with Tiffany to create the lapis lazuli bean cufflinks, which are a gorgeous shade of royal blue. The bean may seem like an unlikely design for a cufflink, but is a symbol of beginnings or origins. This design comes in black jade also.

Another beautiful set of Tiffany cufflinks are the 18k gold and hematite acorn cufflinks. These will set you back $2,100 but combine fine gold that is ornately designed and shimmering hematite gems. In today’s modern society you can view all the Tiffany cufflinks at their official website. If you are lucky enough to have a Tiffany store near you, of course you can make your purchase in person at this legendary gift store. The minute your gift recipient sees the Tiffany blue bag, he or she will know they are getting a fine quality gift to be treasured for a lifetime.

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