Titanium Wedding Bands

The 100% pure metal known as titanium is becoming a lot more popular when it comes to designing wedding bands. Most people are just simply amazed on how durable this wonderful metal is and when it comes to something like their wedding bands, something that they will cherish for the rest of their marriage days, they long to have a reliable ring that they can count on to last for a lifetime. As unique as titanium is, people will easily choose it over silver and gold because it is so different and distinctive. It is also very light in weight compared to silver and gold which makes it a lot easier to wear.

Unique designs for titanium wedding bands
There are so many unique designs that can be engraved into titanium wedding bands that the possibilities are endless! The great part about having pictures or patterns engraved into a titanium wedding band is the fact that it won’t wear away like engraved patterns do on gold or silver rings. The metal is so strong that the patterns are permanent. You can also have diamonds or your favorite stones set inside of the titanium wedding bands. You don’t have to settle with only using titanium alone but you can also mix it with gold and platinum which gives it a very distinctive and unique look as well.

It seems that the most popular type of titanium wedding band appears to be the Celtic titanium wedding bands. Titanium gives the Celtic style of ring a clean look that stands out from other different cuts which is why many people are buying them as their wedding bands nowadays. When buying any kind of style of a titanium wedding band, it is best to have it polished or buy one that is already polished so that it will give the ring a permanent new look.

What Else to Know about titanium wedding bands

Since titanium is not a precious metal as mentioned before it is unique, which makes it able to resist things that other metals cannot. Both men and women can find titanium wedding bands that are suitable for them to wear. One thing to know about the material though is that it cannot be resized like other rings that are made out of precious metal or other cheap quality materials. Now you know the reason why it is very important to know your ring size before you go shopping for titanium wedding bands. They do not only cost more because of how durable the pure metal is, but because the designing of these rings requires a lot of work and hard labor.

Black titanium wedding bands

What’s more unique than just the original color of a titanium wedding band? The answer is black titanium wedding bands, of course. These seem to be a very hot selection when it comes to having a unique look with the titanium style. This is the color that is mostly worn by men because they have a more masculine look. Many men don’t really care too much to wear jewelry in the first place, but black titanium wedding bands are the perfect selection because they have that masculine look as mentioned before and they are light weight just like the original color or titanium which makes them almost as though you are not wearing them. Another thing about black titanium is the fact that they are not all flashy like the gold or silver colored bands which is why they appeal more to men as well. Of course if desired, anyone can have any stones or diamonds added to the ring as big or small as they want to give the wedding band just the right look to go with their own personal style. To give it an extra dazzling look it would be a great idea to either have the ring polished or to buy one that is already polished.

Functionality and beauty of titanium wedding bands
Now of course you know that titanium is beautiful material to use for wedding bands, but it is not the only reason as to why people like to buy it. Because titanium is so durable, the beauty of it is easily maintained because of the quality. People also like the fact that there are many different color mixtures and variation options that can be chosen to design their own personal titanium rings. There are so many different shade and color options for titanium wedding bands that you can be certain that you will have a wedding band that is completely different from anyone else’s wedding band. Did you know that jewelers also sometimes use heat in creating special color effects to stand out on titanium rings? It is not an easy task but this is one of the reasons why titanium rings are not very cheap as mentioned before.

Keeping your titanium wedding bands nice and clean
Keeping your titanium wedding bands nice and clean will have it looking brand new for a lifetime especially the ones that are polished. The way to clean your titanium wedding band is by soaking it in a solution especially made for titanium rings, and use warm water and liquid soap. Let it soak for a few minutes so that is can become thoroughly cleaned and then you will need to rinse it under warm water.

After washing it, then you will need to let the ring air dry and then using a soft micro fiber cloth buff the ring out to bring out the shine in it; you’re done!

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