Tungsten Wedding Bands

In recent years, there has been a major trend to move away from precious metals when looking for wedding bands because they are just too vulnerable to damage. While silver, gold and platinum are truly beautiful metals, they are also soft and as a result scratch and become misshapen over time. This means that every few years they need to be repaired and/or polished which can further degrade the rings and can also be quite costly.

A tungsten wedding band, on the other hand, is guaranteed to last a lifetime and it can be just as lovely as any of the finest gold bands around. As a matter of fact, tungsten carbide rings can actually be more attractive because they allow for so many unique customizations. Each and every tungsten ring is finished with a permanent polish so it will look just as remarkable 25 or 50 years down the road.

The first thing to understand about a tungsten wedding band is that it is made from tungsten carbide which means that it is the toughest metal known to man. Because of this, these rings cannot be resized as more traditional wedding bands can. Also, they run approximately ½ size larger than a comparable ring made out of gold, platinum or silver.

A tungsten ring should not be made with cobalt for several reasons. First and foremost, tungsten rings manufactured with cobalt are not as durable as tungsten carbide rings and are therefore prone to marring, scratching, cracking and corrosion. Also, cobalt is known to cause negative effects on the skin such as dark discoloration and rashes, redness or itching. Only purchase a tungsten wedding band made with tungsten carbide.

Once it is understood that this durable ring is meant to last a lifetime just like your marriage, you are probably questioning if a tungsten wedding band is attractive enough for such a special occasion. As a matter of fact, many tungsten rings ranging from a polished gold IP plating to sight gray, gray and even black. The finish can be polished, grooved, brushed, or beveled, and it can be crafted with lovely inlays or laser engraved.

Trendy designs for a tungsten wedding band would include celtic wedding knots, celtic crosses, and custom engraving with either the date of the wedding or the partner’s name. Custom laser engraving generally runs around $30 per ring for the usual 20 to 25 characters which, of course includes spaces. While this may be preferred by some, there are just so many lovely finishes that the happy couple may opt for an existing design.

When looking for a ring, you may also wish to think about the actual shape of it. A tungsten wedding band is just as comfortable as any band fashioned in gold or silver, yet can be just the same in a beveled, domed, piped or even a concave shape. Gold inlays are lovely and currently one of the hottest trends for a tungsten wedding band. This provides the durability of a tungsten wedding ring with the traditional appeal of a gold band.

Because a wedding is meant to be, as the old saying goes, “the first day of the rest of your life,” your wedding band should also last just as long. While silver, gold and platinum are all lovely, they can dull and mar too easily. Tungsten can literally last a lifetime and it can be crafted with the same beauty as the finest precious metals. The only difference is that a tungsten wedding band will still look like new on that silver or gold wedding anniversary while a silver or gold wedding band will look as old as you are beginning to feel.

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