Turquoise Pendants

Turquoise is a rare and valuable gem, but provided you know where to look, it’s possible to find pendants embedded with this precious stone at relatively low prices. There are pendants available in all shapes and sizes, aimed at all types of people. Since this is such a universally appealing color, it looks good on just about anyone.

Purchasing a genuine turquoise pendant can be somewhat expensive, unless you know where to look. That’s why we spend a lot of time looking for the best deals from across the Internet, so you can make an informed decision from the convenience of this website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Besides gathering the best deals on turquoise pendants, this page is also meant to provide you with background information that will help you get the most satisfaction out of your pendant. Even though it’s strikingly beautiful, turquoise is also a relatively fragile stone, so there are some precautions you might want to keep in mind to assure your pendant lasts for a lifetime. You will find everything you need to know by reading this article, including information on which colors can be most appropriately matched with turquoise.

Many reasons to choose a turquoise pendant
Even though turquoise has been treasured for centuries, it’s safe to say that in recent years it has been getting increasingly popular and fashionable. The turquoise look is getting endorsed by various celebrities, and as a result more and more people want to get a turquoise pendant of their own. Additionally, some people also carry a turquoise pendant for good luck, since turquoise is popularly regarded as the birth stone for the month of December. Turquoise pendants are traditionally used as special gifts for people whose birthday is in that month.

Also, did you know that many people recognize turquoise as the fashionable color for 2010? As such, all kinds of fashion accessories in this color as in high demand… including, of course turquoise pendants. As a color, turquoise is quite versatile and pairs quite nicely with all kinds of skin shades; it looks especially good on people with a good tan. When you want to convey an elegant look, you can’t go wrong by pairing a vivid turquoise accessory as a statement to contrast with neutral colors such as black, white or grey. Next time you can’t decide what to wear, just try pairing a neutral grey dress with a turquoise pendant… you’ll be quite pleased with the results.

There is a unique quality to the color turquoise, which is also apparent in turquoise gems: it’s a rather serene and soothing color. If you contemplate a turquoise gem for a few minutes, you’ll find your emotional state will tend get noticeably peaceful. Which isn’t much of a surprise, since the light blue shade that’s so characteristic of turquoise is reminiscent of the color of the sky in a clear summer day. This is the favorite color of many people of all backgrounds and cultures, and it’s the kind of color that everyone enjoys looking at.

Taking good care of your turquoise pendant
Regardless of the reasons why you choose wearing a turquoise pendant, you should know there are some considerations you should keep in mind, to ensure your gem will remain immaculate for as long as possible.

To begin with, you should know that turquoise is much softer than most other precious stones; in fact, it’s just a little more resistant to pressure than glass. As such, you should be gentle while handling your turquoise pendant, otherwise the stone will easily get scratched… or even worse – it may break. This may be a strikingly beautiful precious stone, but it’s also considerably fragile, so if you want to keep it looking great you should handle your pendant with care. In fact, you may even want to keep it separated from harder gems in your jewel box, to avoid getting it damaged by accident.

Even while wearing your turquoise pendant, you should avoid knocking it against hard surfaces, since that will easily make the gem look worn out. You should take good care of it and clean it every once in a while; being a porous stone, it will build up grime, dirt and even dust. It you want to keep its immaculate look, you should avoid wearing your pendant while working gardening or working on dusty areas. When you want to clean it, make sure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

Also, turquoise pendants might get a faded color if you expose them to water for long periods of time. For this reason, you shouldn’t go swimming with your pendant on; likewise, you should never try to clean it by immersing it in water overnight. Most importantly, never try cleaning a turquoise gem with jewelry cleaning chemicals since even the most delicate products would be excessively abrasive, and quite likely damage the color.

Turquoise pendants are strikingly beautiful, and they can last for a lifetime. But you must remember that turquoise is a very sensitive gem, and to ensure it remains immaculate for as long as possible, you should take some precautions to keep it in good state.  Make sure to follow these simple guidelines, and you will be quite happy wearing your turquoise necklace for many years to come.

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