Twist Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments in any couple’s lives, so when it’s time to ask that all too important question, it calls for the perfect ring. This year there are several new trends in engagement rings and wedding set, but nothing is more elegant that a twist engagement ring. From a simple band with a twist setting to an engagement ring that is fashioned with a twisted band, there are many, many styles to choose from in what promises to be the season’s hottest trend.

“Twisty” diamond engagement rings probably top the charts for both style and affordability. Crafted by the Mercury Ring Corporation that has been in business for more than 60 years, they offer the finest engagement and wedding rings available for prices that are actually quite reasonable. Starting with the Beaded Set Criss Cross Diamond engagement ring, they have styles such as the Twisted Shank Bead Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring, the Split Shank Braided diamond solitaire engagement ring and the Bead Set split shank braided diamond engagement ring. The center head can be made to accommodate any stone, and the prices listed do not include the stone.

Next on the list of fashionable manufacturers of twist engagement rings is Mark Schneider Designs. His elegant engagement rings start with Bedazzle that has 44 diamonds on the band that total .665kt. Enchantment has 25 diamonds, totaling .26kt, Brilliance which has 57 diamonds totaling .515kt, and Vision which has 17 diamonds that total .245kt. Bands can be fashioned from 14kt gold, 18kt gold and platinum. While pictures of his rings are commonly shown with a one karat center diamond, the head can be made to accommodate any stone.

Other designers in high demand when looking for the perfect twist engagement ring are Diaco Diamonds, Novell and Tacori. Each design house has a unique ‘twist’ on the twist engagement ring and it is often difficult to choose one over the other. All fine jewelry can be crafted from 14kt, 18kt and platinum and each ring has its own unique appeal. Because this style is currently in high demand, more and more designers are beginning to offer a collection of twist engagement rings. Some are simple with the twist forming the setting in the head, while others are gentle twists in the cylinder as well.

Not all engagement rings will be as costly as designer rings, and some may be just as lovely, if not lovelier. It is possible to find a truly beautiful ring for less that a thousand dollars, but that does not usually include the center stone. Many young men like to take a stone from their mother’s or grandmother’s engagement ring to make for a lovely heirloom. Wedding bands lend themselves nicely to a twist engagement ring, and most often the designer will fashion one to complete the set.

The best place to shop for engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal sets is online because this is where the best deals will be found. Literally any ring you can find in a fine jewelry store near you can also be found at an online distributor and often for a significantly reduced price. When purchasing an engagement ring online, it is suggested that you know the actual size the lady wears. Although most rings can be sized by a jeweler if they don’t fit quite right, those precious rings are much easier to size if they are close to the correct size. Remember, most often the rings do not include the center stone, so when it is taken to a local jeweler to have the stone set in, the ring can also be resized quite easily at the same time. By saving a little money now, you have that much more to spend on the honeymoon!

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