Twisted Earrings

Life without a few twists every now and then would be utterly boring. Adding some excitement to your life does not need to start with major changes. It is easier than that – particularly for women through some small every day alterations. A change in wardrobe and accessories, for example, can add a twirl to an otherwise plain vanilla life. Change in wardrobe is easy for you if you can carry it off well. However, if you like to stick to classic basics, and are not the dressy kind, then perhaps adding some chic accessories can help to add some spice to your life. A great way to start is by investing in some really nice pairs of earrings.  Earrings can make you look from drab to dressy in a minute. A nice pair of earrings instantly updates you look, and therefore are great staples for your new wardrobe.

Earrings can be of many different types, shapes, sizes and designs; they can also vary in terms of the material being used. It may be overwhelming to choose from so many different alternatives; however, here is an easy option that is perfect for bring the right amount of ‘twist’ in your life – here’s introducing the twisted earrings.

Twisted earrings are forms of earrings that are, well, twisted. Twisted earrings can vary amongst themselves in shapes and forms. They can be twisted within hoops or can dangle in a twist from your ears. Twisted earrings can be made of different precious metals. Yellow gold, sterling silver, white gold, platinum etc can be used to create twisted earrings. They can be simple, or embellished with precious or semi-precious gemstones. That, however, can sometimes look over-the-top. Therefore it is better to stick to the plain, twisted hoop earrings –it is also preferred to other kinds.

Twisted earrings can be bought at local jewelry shops, where you can try several on and choose the ones that look the best on you. You can also search for twisted earrings on the web. Some of the online stores have really good collections of twisted earrings, and although it will not be possible to try them on, some of them are so beautiful and exquisite that you can tell will make you look amazing. has a number of beautiful twisted earrings. Prices of these differ according to the designs and materials. Two of my favorites in Amazon at very different prices are Italgems stainless twisted earrings, and yellow gold elegant twisted earrings. The pair of Italgems twisted earrings are made of stainless steel and are hoop style earrings that are prices at $89. Whereas the 14k yellow gold twisted earrings in an elegant shape is prices around $168.80.

There are some very cool and trendy twisted earrings at other sites as well. A good search on the internet will open up a hoard of online stores where you can buy your desired twisted earrings. Twisted earrings are a great way to add some fun and style to your life. Simple gold smaller size hoop-style twisted earrings can add sophistication to office attires. Go for bigger, and shining sterling silver twisted dangling earrings spiraling down your ears to add spark to your evening ensemble. Depending on the size and design, twisted earrings can play up or play down any outfit, while adding a certain perk in your look. These are really versatile pieces of jewelry and can be worn with practically anything you own on your wardrobe. Therefore, without going for big changes, investing in a good pair of twisted earrings is a good idea. After all, what is life without some twists?

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