Twisted Serpentine Chain

As a variation of a serpentine chain, a twisted serpentine chain is a series of s-links that have been set closely together and then joined by two links set just below them. The twisted variation adds style and definition to an otherwise ordinary chain. Most often you will see twisted serpentine chains as a necklace to hold a pendant or as a charm bracelet holding one or more charms. They can be made from literally any metal yet are most common in gold and sterling silver.

Twisted Serpentine Chains with Ribbed Beads
One of the trendiest twisted serpentine chains is fashioned in 14k or 18k gold with ribbed beads gold fashioned around the chain at various intervals. This makes the chain complete in that no charm or pendant would be needed as the ribbed beads become the embellishment. It is also possible to find a twisted serpentine chain made from sterling silver while the beads on this type of chain are often ceramic or semi precious stones.

Twisted Serpentine Chain Charm Bracelets

There is something decidedly feminine about a twisted serpentine chain which is why they are commonly used as a charm bracelet. Depending on the number of charms you intend to add over time, the chain would need to be thick enough to hold them. Some serpentine chains are extremely fine which would not be strong enough for anything heavier than a single small charm. However, there are also heavier twisted serpentine chains that can hold charms all the way around. It is a matter of preference as some ladies opt for a more delicate and feminine bracelet while others like to have a charm bracelet fashionably large.

Twisted Serpentine Chain Necklaces
It isn’t very often that you will find a twisted serpentine necklace any shorter than 18’ or 20” as they don’t really lend themselves well to choker style neck adornments. Heaver twisted chains may work well, but are often too bulky to fit that closely around the neck. Most often this type of necklace holds a pendant which would need to be fall at least at neckline level or slightly below. Again, the chain would need to be heavy enough to hold the weight of the pendant while not being too heavy to complement the pendant.

Ankle Bracelets in Twisted Serpentine Chains
One of the most common types of ankle bracelet is fashioned with a twisted serpentine chain. Not only are they feminine but they can hold a charm quite well. Ankle bracelets, or anklets, are often part of a set that also has a charm bracelet and a pendant. They can be made with gold or sterling silver, and price will depend on the type of metal used as well as any charms or embellishments added to the chain. Ankle bracelets fashioned with twisted serpentine chains tend to be very delicate.

Most often twisted serpentine chains are worn by ladies as they are usually delicate and feminine. They tend to be a bit too ornate for most men, but there are heavier versions worn by guys. These would normally be heavy gold twisted chains at least 26” in length and at least 2mm in diameter, but most often even heavier. Cost will be determined by the amount and type of metal in the chain and of course the quality of the craftsmanship involved. Many designers choose to use a twisted serpentine chain to hold charms and pendants simply because they wear so well together. If you are looking for the perfect chain for a pendant, charm bracelet or ankle bracelet, a twisted serpentine chain would be the place to begin.

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